TOP-7 books to network like a boss

We are the world around us. Tell me with whom you associate… There are tons of quotes about the importance of networking, after all — why repeat them? You’ve probably heard all that a thousand times. However, we can’t but draw an analogy with a tongue-tied newbie manager at the affiliate ...

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IPL Frenzy with Jitendra Vaswani & Riasat Shaan

You may be familiar with the term cricket from English literature, where writers big and small called this summer sport a gentleman's game. Alas, you will find yourself gravely mistaken if you label it as an exclusively British type of entertainment: sports fans are already at your door, eager ...

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TikTok vs. Google & Microsoft: Let the Battle Begin!

Even though TikTok started beta testing its search ad campaign in 2022 , it mostly remained a mere fact that sparked little discussion in the affiliate marketing industry (if at all). However, in March 2023, things took an unexpected turn: according to Business Insider , the company decided to ...

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FraudScore Exploring 2022 Trends

Fraud is the new plague: it is practically everywhere, no matter the sphere, no matter the field of expertise. Affiliate marketers, though, might be the only category of people that faces it on a regular basis — and works tightly with it, trying to avoid the most intricate types of fraud. That’s ...

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SiGMA Eurasia & What’s Around

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You will be able to attend the long-awaited SiGMA Eurasia in Dubai from March 13 to March 16. While the conference itself is indeed a distinguished event where iGaming industry moguls will introduce their reports, there are still more things to enjoy: meetups, ...

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Studying Mobile Typography: fonts, colors, and buttons

Comfort is a must when it comes to reading, so make sure the information on your website is legible, otherwise the user, who's in a hurry or on a beach in Bali, will close the tab, not finishing a single sentence. Your primary goal is to make them stay on your website, whether they are on the ...

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Score a Hit at AW 2023: Best Events to Attend

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AW Dubai, a major affiliate marketing conference, will take place on March 1 at the famous business complex Dubai World Trade Center overlooking the main street of the city Sheikh Zayed Road.

The organizers of the conference put a lot of effort into making ...

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Behave Yourself! 9 Rules to Follow in Dubai

It's not that difficult to pass for an upstanding member of society in the country you know well: even though you might not be aware of the local standards and expectations, say, in France, you will highly unlikely outrage the public decency by doing something wrong (unless you plan to outrage ...

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Find What Makes You Tick: First Time Dubai Tour

Dubai, known for its luxurious hotels, wealth, and, of course, culture, is one of the most attractive places on earth. You’ve certainly heard about the legendary Burj Khalifa, you’ve definitely seen endless photos of the Rub Al Khali desert, and you’ve undoubtedly celebrated the triumph of the ...

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Throwback Monday: Remember Affiliate World Asia

We're not filming a Back to the Future, Donnie Darko, Tenet, or any other movie related to time traveling, but wouldn't you like to go back in time to see one particular event and experience the same inspiration, exultation filling you abrim? Wouldn’t you like to refresh that feeling of being ...

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