Going through the Roof with Top 20 Dating Affiliate Programs

Modern life is tightly connected with the Internet presence: people buy things they like, talk to their friends, study, and work remotely without having a second thought. Dating also migrated to the online sphere, which made the niche increasingly popular among all types of people.

For the ...

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No Pain, no Gain: Investigating Weight Loss Offers

Excess weight is a global problem. A lot of people want to lose weight, and many of them have one thing in common: they are eager to look fit, but they have no patience or desire to spend their time on training or putting effort into making their body a chiseled sculpture that can compare to ...

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Maximizing Your Affiliate Marketing Potential in the eCommerce Niche

The last few years were marked with a rise in eCommerce profits all over the world. In 2022, global eCommerce sales almost reached $5,5 trillion. They are very likely to exceed $6 trillion in 2023. This statistical data indicates that eCommerce affiliate marketing is on fire and it’s too big an ...

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The Secret Gems of the Philippines: Reviewing the GEO

The Philippines are deemed one of the most popular Asian GEO in the finance niche: the client flow is stable, and the competition is practically non-existent. What else is needed? A little context for a better understanding.

Online loan services in the Philippines are only incipient, so if ...

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Learn Your Nutra Goals: Examining the Subverticals

Profitable niches are a dime a dozen in Nutra, but hypertension precedes all and takes the cake. Medicine for high blood pressure is an essential part of the world plagued with stress: trying to alleviate it, people consume unfathomable amounts of food and refuse to move, which contributes to ...

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Unbelievable Seasonality of Online Dating

It may come as a surprise, but there are certain time cycles for dating, mating, and separating, conditioned by season, weather, and even time of day. The affiliate network Adverten analyzed dating activity fluctuations and offered a few tips on how to gain more leads by using the patterns. ...

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Checking the Readouts: US Online Gambling in 2023

Although financial difficulties, turbulence and a chain of economic crises following one another in sequence gave us no rest, online gambling kept steadily growing.

Things skyrocketed during the pandemic when many people were bored in the house and tried to distract themselves online. ...

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Seasoning in dating

Dating activities often depend on seasonality or even time of day. We have gathered some useful information on how to improve your earnings. Smartlink CPA network Adverten has analyzed the seasonality in dating and has given some advices to affiliates how to use these particularities to ...

Apple Pausing Gambling Ads

The gambling world is moving on and developing, eventually trying to take casinos under legislative control. In fact, gambling and betting have always been heavily restricted. However, developers still discover ways to promote their slots within the legal framework, thanks to advertising ...

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La Formula Del Successo, or How to Tame Italy

Languages are a stumbling block for many affiliate marketers: it is not always clear which one to use to cover a bigger audience. When it comes to Italy, the answer is obvious: English alone wouldn't work; you need to switch to Italian because of the age difference in your possible categories. ...

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