Traffic Cardinal Bonuses

At Traffic Cardinal, we believe that authors should be justly rewarded if their content is highly valued by users. So we have drawn up several reward programs to commend you for your work financially. Did you know that your high-quality articles and reviews can bring you a tidy sum of money? Now you do. Don’t miss a chance to try it out.


Young Authors Support

Sure thing, there are content-makers and journalists that work here on a full-time basis. But we fully comprehend that some people would like to write great posts monthly… or when the right mood strikes. If you’re one of those, check out our special conditions:

  • hat


    from $20 to $50 for an article

  • lamp


    from $50 to $200 for a case

  • microphone

    Interview with top affiliates

    from $500 to $2000 for an interview

Review Reward Program

All affiliate programs and networks value their feedback, that much without doubt. Each review is examined by a company representative, who can either quickly respond and solve an unexpected problem or bring an issue to the supervisor’s attention. Thus, each review is important.

We’ve drawn up a sort of agreement with several companies, and we are ready to pay for an extended review (it doesn’t matter whether it is positive or negative, either way, it is still valuable). The reward amount is set by the company itself, but it cannot be lower than $10. Of course, no one wants to receive a fictitious review or a sophisticated version of copy-paste from other portals, so we’ve come up with a list of rules to follow:

  • The review must not be posted on other platforms.
  • The review will not be posted on other platforms in the same form that is posted on Traffic Cardinal.
  • The review must contain a screenshot of statistics to confirm that you have indeed worked with the company.
  • The activity period starts no later than October 1, 2020.
  • The reward amount is not lower than $10 (depending on the affiliate program or service).

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