Farming & Multiaccounting Techniques: Enabling the Proxies

Proxy servers are an indispensable tool for affiliates and marketing specialists. The topic is so popular we covered it more than once.

Farming and parsing are two things that are impossible without solid proxies. An attempt to create an account through an inappropriate proxy server will ...

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Convert Like a Pro: Elevating Your Landing Page to New Heights

Indeed, the first interaction a user has with an advertising campaign is through the ad itself. If the ad fails to engage the potential client, the opportunity for further interaction is lost. But what happens when the ad does its job? Relying solely on a well-crafted creative is as unwise as ...

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Traffic Cardinal x Alen LGaming. Podcast

You’ve never heard anything like this.

We’ve done a fair share of podcasts, meeting prominent figures of the affiliate marketing industry and offering them a perfect platform to express their opinions, share experiences, or initiate a motivational speech to embolden young affiliates trying ...

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Take a Clean Sweep!

Sweepstakes that provide an opportunity to win an expensive iPhone of the latest model are pricking at you from every corner of the Internet. Competition in the sweepstake vertical is quite high, so affiliates should contrive the right approach to sweeps and traffic attraction.

We decided ...

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How to Make a Perfect Instagram Layout

Businesses are created to make a profit. As this profit is brought by clients and clients alone, the main task of any commercial project is user attraction: not only should they check out your ad, but they are also expected to accomplish the target action, that is, to purchase the product you're ...

#instagram #ads

Find Your Perfect Match: Niches and Their Money-Making Traffic Sources

Many novice affiliate marketers fall into the trap of choosing the wrong niche and traffic source and end up wasting their money. To help you avoid this pitfall, we have prepared an article on how to select a suitable niche and drive traffic to it.

In affiliate marketing, products and ...

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Traffic Arbitrage: The Full Guide for Beginners

You can make money on the Internet in different ways: if you have no experience, surf sites and perform various tasks. If you're an upgraded professional with an impressive skillset, set up an advertising campaign, try SEO or marketing on social networks. You can choose one option and work with ...

#affiliatemarketing #beginners #trafficarbitrage

SEO, Google, Cybersquatting and Personal Brand. Big Interview with Craig Campbell

Unleash your SEO potential. Define what you want from your SEO campaign. Set objectives, choose tools, analyze the prospects, get your keywords listed, monitor the market, yada yada, and all that.

The array of recommendations can be even longer. In effect, it can compete with the Forsyte ...

#google #interview #seo #craig_campbell #cybersquatting

From Text to Texture: Generate Visuals from Descriptions with AI Tools

Creating images used to be a daunting task that demanded the expertise of a designer or the talent of an artist who could sketch every detail by hand. But thanks to the advances in neural networks, the process of creating pictures has become much easier and faster. Now you can simply give a text ...

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Habibi, Come to Dubai! Affiliate World Edition

Affiliate World is a conference affiliates cannot miss, as it provides all sorts of things every affiliate dreams of: new partners, fresh ideas, and invaluable insights that are really hard to get, unless you’re Julius Caesar accomplishing million tasks at a time, running a dozen of campaigns, ...

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