Hold My Beer, I’m Talking Business at i-Con 2024

This Island Conference was a treasure trove of temptations: first, you were seduced by unlimited beer. Second, the refined Mediterranean cuisine was waiting around the corner to lead you astray. And finally, endless booths lured you in with their enticing opportunities.

It’s hard to say ...

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Top 13 Affiliate Marketing Conferences You Can’t Miss in Summer and Fall 2024

How can people keep working so steadfastly, knowing that there’s a sea somewhere far away, eager to embrace and engulf them in its refreshing waves? Luckily, affiliates can flit across the globe dropping by the most curious events: the number of conferences normally decreases during the summer, ...


Ads Unleashed: Contextual Whispers vs. Targeted Roars

A successful business in 2024 means there’s a strong demand and sales are on the rise. With so many companies out there, it’s not enough to just have a good product. In a world filled with choices and online shopping, those who sell need to connect with customers in a special and emotional way. ...

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No Cost, All Creativity: Top Free Stock Image Sites

Creating content for the web today goes beyond just finding images through search engines. The challenges of uniqueness, overused visuals and the risk of copyright fines are leading designers and content creators to seek new sources. The rule is simple: for high-quality images to post online, ...

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Silent to Alpha: The Generational Marketing Playbook

Understanding generational patterns is crucial for marketers across industries. By recognizing the unique preferences, communication styles, and behaviours of different age groups, marketers can create targeted campaigns that resonate with their intended audience.

Today, we’ll explore the ...

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Instagram Reel Size: Full Guide [2024]

Using the wrong sizing for your Instagram Reels can lead to several issues that may affect the quality and impact of your content. If the aspect ratio is off, your video could get distorted or stretched out, ruining your hard work. Additionally, incorrect sizing can make your content look ...

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This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An AI Race: Apple Intelligence Unveiled

WWDC 2024 proved to be most instrumental in supplying new technologies, and Apple, participating in the arms race for customer attention and growing sales, focused on productivity even further, trying to discover a perfect solution that would address their clients’ needs and challenges ...

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YouTube Shopping: Opening a New Chapter in Affiliate Marketing

Step into the era of seamless online shopping with YouTube’s latest feature that’s making waves among affiliate marketers. YouTube Shopping has redefined the way we engage with content, turning viewers into shoppers with the click of a button. For affiliate enthusiasts, this is a game-changer, ...

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Banner Advertising: How to Cut Through the Noise and Connect with Your Audience

Media advertising is a great way to promote your business online. You can display your ads on various platforms, such as partner websites, search engines and video hosting sites. But among all the formats of media advertising, banners stand out as the most popular and effective.

In this ...

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AI Overview Alert: Straightening Things Out

There's clearly a new trend going on, regardless of the niche or your area of interest. Whether you're an artist, a doctor, a writer, a business owner, an affiliate marketer, or something completely unrelated, you must have bumped into AI technologies. Perhaps, you did so against your will: ...

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