FraudScore Exploring 2022 Trends

Fraud is the new plague: it is practically everywhere, no matter the sphere, no matter the field of expertise. Affiliate marketers, though, might be the only category of people that faces it on a regular basis — and works tightly with it, trying to avoid the most intricate types of fraud. That’s ...

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Budget Management Tips for Google Ads

The very first step of planning an advertising campaign on Google Ads is budgeting. It’s essential to evaluate the amount of traffic, estimate the approximate cost per click, and determine the level of competition that exists in your niche. Once your advertising budget is planned, the next ...

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Spain Detailed: Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

When it comes to incomes and conversions, Spain is a scoop. If you ever found yourself rooting for Spain on Eurovision or enjoying Enrique Iglesias in two-thousand-something (or you still do: we don’t shame your musical preferences!), you probably know a few things about the country. Keep them ...

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Updated: Google Algorithms & SEO Trends

YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) is the concept introduced by Google. It implies that the content potentially affecting major decisions related to a person's happiness, health, financial stability, or safety must be characterized by expertise and reliability.

YMYL topics include:


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Unbelievable Seasonality of Online Dating

It may come as a surprise, but there are certain time cycles for dating, mating, and separating, conditioned by season, weather, and even time of day. The affiliate network Adverten analyzed dating activity fluctuations and offered a few tips on how to gain more leads by using the patterns. ...

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SiGMA Eurasia & What’s Around

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You will be able to attend the long-awaited SiGMA Eurasia in Dubai from March 13 to March 16. While the conference itself is indeed a distinguished event where iGaming industry moguls will introduce their reports, there are still more things to enjoy: meetups, ...

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CPA Content Locker, a Hidden Gem of Affiliate Marketing

It’s no secret that monetization has always been a top priority for content creators. It takes time, effort, and yeah—patience. Unable to hold back? Well then, the content locker is at your disposal. This marketing tool has already proven to be a real magic wand for those who want to maintain a ...

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Be in Your Element, Make Your Creatives Convert

The word creative speaks for itself, but it may be tricky to come up with a variant that a) makes you tick and b) boosts your conversion rates. It's not always about aggressiveness, bright colors, decorative fonts, garishly painted icons, or attractive pictures. In fact, there's much more to it, ...

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Studying Mobile Typography: fonts, colors, and buttons

Comfort is a must when it comes to reading, so make sure the information on your website is legible, otherwise the user, who's in a hurry or on a beach in Bali, will close the tab, not finishing a single sentence. Your primary goal is to make them stay on your website, whether they are on the ...

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Score a Hit at AW 2023: Best Events to Attend

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AW Dubai, a major affiliate marketing conference, will take place on March 1 at the famous business complex Dubai World Trade Center overlooking the main street of the city Sheikh Zayed Road.

The organizers of the conference put a lot of effort into making ...

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