SiGMA Going Wild

You weren't ready.

Really, you weren't. SiGMA was the Barbie of affiliate marketing with Oppenheimer's impact on the industry: it's still hard to imagine how many projects were discussed and how many plans are now in the works because of this one event connecting affiliates to affiliate ...

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Unlocking the Secrets of Web Mastery and Marketing at Webmaster Access

The long-awaited Webmaster Access, an affiliate veteran, celebrating its 20th anniversary on the market, opened its doors for the attendees on September 13. And what doors were they! The event took place at one of the most stunning hotels scattered around the city of Limassol, Grand Resort ...

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The Anatomy of an Offer: A Detailed Breakdown of Its Definition and Types

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you have a lot to learn, including some unfamiliar terms. One of them is “offer”. But before you can graspon the meaning of the word in this niche, you need to know its general definition, meaning and features in other fields.

An offer is simply a ...

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SiGMA Rockin' It Hard!

It was a bumpy ride, but it was worth it. SiGMA 2023 started to unroll in Limassol, Cyprus, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and the breathtaking sea views that could enthrall even the most indifferent person who'd visited resorts dozens of times. To enchant the attendees even further, ...

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Going through the Roof with Top 20 Dating Affiliate Programs

Modern life is tightly connected with the Internet presence: people buy things they like, talk to their friends, study, and work remotely without having a second thought. Dating also migrated to the online sphere, which made the niche increasingly popular among all types of people.

For the ...

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No Pain, no Gain: Investigating Weight Loss Offers

Excess weight is a global problem. A lot of people want to lose weight, and many of them have one thing in common: they are eager to look fit, but they have no patience or desire to spend their time on training or putting effort into making their body a chiseled sculpture that can compare to ...

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Best Native Advertising Networks

Native or natural advertising can be distributed through special affiliate networks. Advertisers see these ads as a perfect way to draw attention to their product, and media buyers consider them a wonderful opportunity to earn money.

However, even an experienced affiliate can get lost in ...

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Sending managers to conferences

Sending one manager to a conference costs approximately $6000 + their weekly pay. Providing him with business cards ~$70. Listening to the explanations why the business cards were left in a hotel room is priceless. Just as priceless as trying to write GEOs and verticals on the glossy surface of ...

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Traffic Cardinal x KJ Rocker Podcast

KJ Part 2! What an exciting piece of news to get at this time of day: There's no better moment than this to check out our new podcast with KJ, eager to share his insights and divulge a few little secrets that can enhance your conversion rate and amplify the effects of the newly acquired ...

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Preparing for Webmaster Access 2023

Webmaster Access is an event that can get you going, but this time the occasion is totally special: the conference celebrates its 20th anniversary and is ready to unleash its full potential and provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

WMA has a long history: it first appeared in ...

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