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Extra Episode. Traffic Cardinal x KJ Rocker Podcast

If you are in the affiliate niche, the word Bangkok is not a mere name: even unfledged greenhorns of the market know what it means.

Affiliate World Asia.

Affiliate World Asia is going to be one of the biggest events of the year, and it would be a huge miss on our part if we ...

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Traffic Cardinal x Akie P.3

Businesses do not exist in a vacuum: they depend on a variety of factors, most of them including political, social, or industrial aspects, which can give you an impressive boost or throw you from the pinnacle to the pit.

In the final episode of our podcast mini-series, Akie goes full ...

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Traffic Cardinal x Akie P.2

There are dozens of celebrities in the affiliate world, but not many can brag about their extensive, unadulterated experiences that can inspire hundreds of affiliates who have lost their direction and no longer know which way to choose.

Luckily, Akie is quite a prominent figure with ...

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Traffic Cardinal x KJ Rocker Podcast. P.3

We’ve invented a podcast series, and our leading star is world-famous KJ Rocker. We’ve already covered an enormous number of topics (here

and here

and we’re not done yet!

This time our eminent guest is speaking about the technical part of the job, unraveling conundrums and ...

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Traffic Cardinal x KJ Rocker Podcast P.2

KJ Part 2! What an exciting piece of news to get at this time of day: There's no better moment than this to check out our new podcast with KJ, eager to share his insights and divulge a few little secrets that can enhance your conversion rate and amplify the effects of the newly acquired ...

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Traffic Cardinal x Akie Podcast

Today we have the speaker whose reputation precedes him. If you're a frequenter, you've certainly heard the hushed tones and loud squalls praising Affiliate Business Club and the events they deftly arranged . Meet Akie, one of the most famous people in the affiliate marketing world!


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Traffic Cardinal x KJ Rocker Podcast

Everybody knows KJ Rocker , a full-time Performance Marketer & Digital Marketing Mentor: he's a successful entrepreneur, renowned coach, and experienced affiliate marketer. And you know what? We've managed to snatch him for a podcast!

This time KJ shared his views on affiliate ...

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Traffic Cardinal x Alex (i-CON). Podcast

Everyone is waiting for i-Con like there’s no tomorrow, and we’ve already elaborated on the events you are undeniably eager to attend. But your curiosity can’t be extinguished just by that, right? We all want to know more; we are dying to pry into the details and push our noses into the ...

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Traffic Cardinal x Yorgos (Webmaster Access). Podcast

Hip-hip-hooray to us, we’ve released a new podcast!

Today, our guest is Yorgos from Webmaster Access, a professional who knows everything about affiliate conferences! He’s an expert who has acquired an outstanding skillset that helps him navigate the treacherous world of ever-changing ...

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The IPL Explained: Podcast with Shikhar

Traffic Cardinal is no Columbia Pictures, but we also have something to present: podcasts. We sure as hell will make it a regular format, but for now, let us introduce to you a pilot podcast dedicated to the IPL.

The IPL is a major sporting event watched by 600 millions of people around ...

#ipl #shikhar #podcast

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