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URL Converter is a free service for transliterating Cyrillic SEO links, domain names, and online stores into Latin script.

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How to transliterate links online from Russian using a URL generator

When it comes to website addresses, it’s always better to use a URL converter rather than online transliteration services. The case is that online transliteration is a process that replaces the Cyrillic script with the Latin alphabet. However, when you need a user-friendly link, you should use a slug generator, which removes punctuation and adds hyphens between the words in the link.

Both online transliteration and slug generator can be found on Advego. It is also possible to check your spelling, perform an SEO analysis, find out if your content is unique, or find a job online.


Why are online URL slug generators so perfect?

There are three common ways to create a website address:

  1. Write the name in Russian, thus making it clear for the target audience. However, not every portal accepts the Cyrillic script, so if you entitle your picture ‘зима-в-деревне’, you may accidentally find out that it is impossible to download it.

  2. Write the name in an international language, for example, in English. Search engines understand such addresses easily, but users might fail to comprehend them. The phrase ‘winter-in-the-village’ will not explain anything if the audience does not know the language.

  3. Transliterate the text, representing letters or words of the Russian alphabet in the characters of the Latin script. Thus, the perfect URL would look like this: zima-v-derevne.

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