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TOP-3 Comedies For Affiliate Marketers

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 28.01.2023
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Up In The Air

Release: 2009

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IMDb: 7.6

The main character is a stubborn social climber who bartered away his personal life for the opportunity to work as a corporate lawyer and earn huge money. Like an affiliate marketer who jumps from conference to conference, Ryan lives on planes, rarely having time for himself. The character's life gets turned upside down when he meets a mysterious girl in a hotel.

The movie makes you brood over your life and ask yourself what is more important, a career and financial stability or human happiness?

Tommy Boy

Release: 1995

IMDb: 7.1

Old but gold! This family comedy will make you believe in yourself. The protagonist is a sluggish but cheerful and carefree guy who succeeded in life to a certain point. As his father, a factory manager, satisfied all his whims, this idle fellow needed nothing. However, after the tragic death of his father, the man has to choose: go with the flow or drastically change his life to continue the family business.

A boost of motivation guaranteed!

The Intern

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.1

A former 70-year-old businessman suddenly realizes that he doesn’t really want to stay at home doing nothing. So said, so done: the man gets a job at an online fashion store run by a strong-willed woman.

The entrepreneur’s experience collides with the woman’s ambitions, but after a spate of scandals, the characters form an effective tandem.

The film will teach you to look at a business from different angles and find non-standard ways to solve problems, which is increasingly helpful in affiliate marketing.

That’s all, folks!! Hopefully, we’ve managed to brighten your week!

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