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The Art of Storytelling: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Effective marketing boils down to three key goals: persuade, influence and push for action. You can sway decision-making with feedback and guarantees. The classic timers — time and quantity limits on the product — will help to nudge the target action. But persuasion is a tough nut to crack. ...

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Conversion Demystified: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

The word “conversion” pops up everywhere in the online marketing world: “the customer has converted”, “the conversion rate is too low…”, “we managed to boost the conversion…”, “how to improve the conversion…”. But what does it really mean? Many beginners and even seasoned salespeople, ...

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Traffic Cardinal x KJ Rocker Podcast. P.3

We’ve invented a podcast series, and our leading star is world-famous KJ Rocker. We’ve already covered an enormous number of topics (here

and here

and we’re not done yet!

This time our eminent guest is speaking about the technical part of the job, unraveling conundrums and ...

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The Basics of Lead: What It Is, Why It Matters and How Much It Costs

Whether you are new to the world of marketing, have an established business or simply curious about how to increase your sales, you might have heard the term “lead” before. But what exactly is a lead and why is it so important for your success?

In this article, we’ll explain the basics of ...

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Traffic Cardinal x KJ Rocker Podcast

Everybody knows KJ Rocker , a full-time Performance Marketer & Digital Marketing Mentor: he's a successful entrepreneur, renowned coach, and experienced affiliate marketer. And you know what? We've managed to snatch him for a podcast!

This time KJ shared his views on affiliate ...

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The Hourglass Marketing Funnel: Explore Your Customer’s Buying Journey

One of the key challenges for any marketer is to set up an analytics system that can capture data from all channels for reaching potential customers. To turn prospects into buyers, marketers use a powerful tool called the hourglass marketing funnel which we will explore in this article. Today we ...

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Pinterest vs. Instagram: Which Platform is Better for Affiliate Marketing in 2023

There are countless online platforms that can help you promote your business. As your marketing activity expands, the key to maximizing reach and increasing conversions is selecting the ideal platform. In a highly competitive market, Pinterest and Instagram are now well-established social ...

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Entering the Modern Era: AI in Influence Marketing

With ad campaigns and influence marketing things can easily go south: you forgot to make a double-check, approved the wrong creo, your influencer turned out to be a scammer, your designer got ill, and you are forced to postpone the launch, totally exasperated and sure you would never collaborate ...

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Traffic Cardinal x Yorgos (Webmaster Access). Podcast

Hip-hip-hooray to us, we’ve released a new podcast!

Today, our guest is Yorgos from Webmaster Access, a professional who knows everything about affiliate conferences! He’s an expert who has acquired an outstanding skillset that helps him navigate the treacherous world of ever-changing ...

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Marketing 2023: One Step Ahead

Saying 2022 was a year of upheaval and emotional turmoil would be an understatement. Affiliate marketers from across the globe had to apply all their knowledge and wit to at least maintain conversion rates on the same notch throughout the month, let alone crawl a tad higher.

Alas, 2023 ...

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