Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 14.06.2023

Island Conference Coming: Setting Up Expectations

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 14.06.2023
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The affiliate world is shaking: a new conference is just round the corner!

If you're following the news (and you most certainly are: this is what our website is dedicated to!), you are aware of the upcoming conference, which is taking place in Cyprus, one of the most picturesque islands you could ever imagine. The organizers claim to take affiliate networking to the next level: as an active part of the industry, they are putting a lot of effort into creating the ultimate experience that would enrich fellow affiliates mentally while giving them an exciting opportunity to enjoy the luxury of Europe’s biggest and newest casino resort, City of Dreams Mediterranean in Limassol.

City of Dreams
City of Dreams

How to describe the upcoming conference? The word unique comes to mind. Think of it: Cyprus, the legendary island, will connect experts from various industries to share experiences and secrets, ready to collaborate and communicate. Make your two days of the conference unforgettable:

  • Engage with other attendees and network;

  • Find strategic partnerships;

  • Build strong, long-lasting relationships;

  • Connect with new people;

  • Discover useful tools, services, and portals;

  • Glean information from reports;

  • Get acquainted with thousands of industry players;

  • Become part of the huge affiliate community!

And, an unexpected bonus: try your luck at the largest casino resort!

Speakers of the conference
Speakers of the conference

But this is Cyprus, right? It would be an abomination beyond any normal mind to strenuously work all day long without feeling the real spirit of the island. The organizers and sponsors have ensured that every aspect of the conference will run smoothly: they have already taken care of the details, and you will enjoy every second of it. i-Con starts with a grand Sunset pre-event party, where you can relish the majestic views of the infinity pool and the Mediterranean Sea, playing poker, sipping beer, and savoring barbecue. Not enough for the experience of a lifetime? Tut-tut! Attend the party on the closing day, meet your partners and friends one last time, and admire the sunset.

i-Con will open its doors on June 29 and June 30, so don't miss the opportunity to learn more about the affiliate world and connect with like-minded people and world-class professionals. This conference seems to be having a lot of tricks in store, and it would be a shame to ignore even a modicum of it. Enjoy the perfect balance of business and leisure, take in the sight, and ensure an unforgettable experience.


Now, onto the details:


June 29 — June 30.


2 days


City of Dreams, Europe's largest Casino resort. All attendees will come together on both days at the Expo building.


Before you look at the prices, make sure you know a fact: if you're a Traffic Cardinal subscriber, you'll get a 20% discount: just send a message to [email protected]!

  • Single ticket — €320.

  • Two tickets — €608.

  • Three tickets — €864.

  • Four tickets (+1 free ticket) — €1280.

  • One the Door — €399.

That's what all the buzz is about. Hurry up and grab your tickets, otherwise someone might be quicker and steal your chance to stare at the Mediterranean Sea. What can be better than that? A discount! If you're a Traffic Cardinal subscriber, claim your discount from [email protected] (or get a usual discount on the website).

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