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I-Con Round 2: Sweeping Success

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 31.05.2024
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The only simple thing about arranging a conference in Limassol is that the place effortlessly provides exceptional views and enchanting venues that can charm anyone, from a beginner affiliate to a great mastermind whose name has long become a legend in the industry. That’s where the set of available no-brainers comes to an end: organizers must spend hours seeking the best solutions that could enthrall any attendee. Did I-Con, one of the youngest conferences, manage to pull that off?

They Did It

As much as we’d want to wrap it up like this, we feel obliged to clarify, and we’ll start with tiny but crucial points that can ensure your stress-free experience.

Buses in Limassol are practically Red-Book: either they disappear in the Amathus Ruins’ region to worship Aphrodite or prefer to wallow in the salty air of the Mediterranean Sea, we know not, but the fact is that it’s nearly impossible to see one. If you’re lucky, you might get a chance to call a taxi, but you know what? Everybody needs a taxi, so you’re awfully late everywhere. Not that it’s lamentable in Cyprus, but we’re here to do business. And that’s where i-Con proves its worth from the start: the organizers arranged free and direct transfers to and from their partner hotels to the official haze events.

Have a treat!
Have a treat!

Second, food and beverages. It might seem unimportant at first glance, but after a few hours of excitement mixed with productivity, you realize that your stomach has been working just as productively and needs filling. Usually, attendees wing it, rummaging through Google Maps and trying to discover a decent takeaway, eventually forgetting the luxuries of the event, eminent speakers, and exceptional insights. At i-Con, however, you needn't rack your brains as to where the closest McDonald's is: you could grab a gyros, wash it down with a cup of tea or coffee of choice, and keep talking to the guests.

They Nailed It

Generally, people don't like apps: you install an app for a grocery store to get a 1% discount, then get an app for a clothing brand because they promise a present, and there's a huge campaign for a few things that you particularly like and want to obtain at a lower price... In short, yes, it can be quite annoying, if not outright outrageous. The i-conic app, however, had nothing to do with vexatious popups and endless promises: it was the definition of convenience and comfort that ensured your seamless and stress-free experience. Just like the pioneers and giants of the industry, the Island Conference had created its own app and enabled it with a set of unique functions. You may have grown accustomed to schedules at such events, but what about job opportunities? Post boosts? Introduction feature that let you present the attendee you met to the other team members?

Take a closer look
Take a closer look

With such a meticulous approach, it was no surprise that almost one month before the conference, all booths were sold out. Not only were affiliates curious to listen to the reports provided by Andy Wullmer, Peter Rabenseifner, Stefan Muehlbauer, and Jitendra Vaswani, but people also felt emboldened by the careful treatment they received. The talks about stress-free experience weren't a bait to ensnare as many affiliates as possible. The organizers did their best, surmounted the unsurmountable, addressed the challenges with wit and circumspection, and ensured their place in the industry for years to come.

Wrapping Up

The final word will not be long. The Island Conference, one of the youngest brands in the industry, managed to achieve the results many others have been reaching for years. The organizers broke down the structure of the conference and focused on each aspect at a time, perfecting it and bringing it to a new level. The i-Con was directed at the attendees, not the brand creating the entire show: the guests' comfort was put forward, and the whole thing was pulled off with the idea of utter convenience in mind. If you missed it this year, don't forget to book your tickets next time, because this was absolutely worth it.

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