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Viral Marketing: Make Your Content Spread Like Wildfire

A common misconception among many beginners in the marketing field is that the success of an advertising campaign depends solely on the budget. They assume that low-cost advertising is bound to fail. But this is far from the truth. And the most convincing evidence of this is viral marketing.


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Influencer Marketing: How to Join Forces with Social Media Superstars

Influencer marketing is a versatile strategy that blends the best of both worlds – marketing and PR. It can be used effectively by various groups, such as brands, marketers, PR-specialists, entrepreneurs and webmasters. Each of them can leverage the different levels of influencer marketing that ...

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Pre-Roll or No Roll? The Pros and Cons of Video Advertising

If you are curious about video advertising, you have probably come across the term pre-roll. This article will give you an overview of pre-rolls, their impact on video advertising and their design. We will also discuss their benefits and drawbacks, their cost and some tips on how to make them ...

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The WOW Effect: Guerrilla Marketing Techniques to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This quote may seem out of place in a marketing article, but it actually unveils the secret of a powerful and innovative way of promoting a product or service. A way that surprises and delights the customers with unconventional ...

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Banner Blindness: Why Your Ads Are Being Ignored and What to Do About It

Imagine this scenario: you launch two advertising campaigns for the same project. One of them achieves a 20% CTR and a 150% ROI , while the other flops, barely converting any leads . What makes the difference? The answer is banner blindness.

This phenomenon can make or break your ...

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Conversion Demystified: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

The word “conversion” pops up everywhere in the online marketing world: “the customer has converted”, “the conversion rate is too low…”, “we managed to boost the conversion…”, “how to improve the conversion…”. But what does it really mean? Many beginners and even seasoned salespeople, ...

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TikTok vs. Google & Microsoft: Let the Battle Begin!

Even though TikTok started beta testing its search ad campaign in 2022 , it mostly remained a mere fact that sparked little discussion in the affiliate marketing industry (if at all). However, in March 2023, things took an unexpected turn: according to Business Insider , the company ...

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Exploring Influencer Traffic: Perks & Quirks

So, influencer traffic . This is the term you use to describe the traffic that drives from a blogger's account, primarily Instagram, to your offer. This blogger can be a real person or a fake, or you can even find an influencer, use the information from their bio, and create your own acc. To ...

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Pre-Rolls: Benefits & Flaws

Pre-roll is a short (no longer than 30 seconds) video ad. Pre-rolls are sometimes mistakenly referred to as mid-rolls (ads inserted into the 'body' of the video) or post-trolls (inserted at the end of the video).

The main goal of pre-roll ads is to increase audience coverage as well as ...

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