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I-Con Round 2: Sweeping Success

The only simple thing about arranging a conference in Limassol is that the place effortlessly provides exceptional views and enchanting venues that can charm anyone, from a beginner affiliate to a great mastermind whose name has long become a legend in the industry. That’s where the set of ...

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Cyprus’s Waiting: i-Con, Round 2

If your creative streak is fueled by various conferences and a mere idea of networking, your time has come: pack your things and book your tickets to Limassol because the most impressive event of the spring is right here—around the corner.

It is not the first time i-Con is revealing ...

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Remembering i-Con 2023: Best Moments

This was the first time Cyprus introduced its outstanding Island Conference, so the organizers faced a serious challenge: they were to arrange an amazing show that would also serve as an exceptional platform for networking, new acquaintances, and communication. So, on June 29, Limassol hosted ...

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i-Con Events: Choose Your Cyprus Activity

On June 29 and 30, the island of Cyprus will thrive more vividly than ever. This renowned center of history will finally embrace modernity and open its doors to the long-awaited Island Conference, or i-Con.

In Limassol, you will meet thousands of advertisers, affiliates, publishers, and ...

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Island Conference Coming: Setting Up Expectations

The affiliate world is shaking: a new conference is just round the corner!

If you're following the news (and you most certainly are: this is what our website is dedicated to!), you are aware of the upcoming conference, which is taking place in Cyprus, one of the most picturesque ...

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