Around Affiliate World Asia in 4 Days

From December 7 to 8, Bangkok, one of the brightest cities in the world, will host one of the most famous affiliate marketing conferences of the year, Affiliate World Asia . This grand event is expected to bring together more than 5,000 participants from 110+ countries, offering an ...

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Thailand Awaits: Your Affiliate World Journey Starts Now!

Thailand, Bangkok exclusively, has always been the centerpiece of the traveling cult. For years, it has been trailblazed by throngs of tourists, ready to pony up their money in order to attend wild parties, get tethered in the long streets flanked with shops, and leer at Buddhas, smiling from ...

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Time to Say Goodbye: SiGMA Europe 2023

Sometimes you just need to be a little maudlin and give Placebo a listen. Thanks to SiGMA 2023, you can justify this emotion by swiping through all the photos you've taken in Malta, chatting with the beautiful people of affiliate marketing and overlapping fiefdoms. You're undoubtedly feeling a ...

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Let's Meet in November: SiGMA 2023 in Malta

If you have ever attended the renowned SiGMA conference, you know that it hits like no other. Affiliates who aren't yet familiar with the event may rest assured: the organizers take it upon themselves to refine every single bit and provide a multifaceted experience that could be applied to any ...

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Unlocking the Secrets of Web Mastery at Webmaster Access

Your success recipe:

Mix the ingredients, stir a bit, and that's what you get in the end: Webmaster Access.

Held at a first-class luxury hotel, the conference provided all types of activities an affiliate is seeking at an event like this: communication, a little bit of leisure, ...

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SiGMA and Affiliate World Team Up. What's Happening

The tea has been spilled: rumours about SiGMA collaborating with Affiliate Worls have been spreading pretty quickly. The first one seems to have bought a part of the second one, and from now on the events are expected to be combined. The rumours are still multiplying, but we have decided to put ...

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SiGMA Going Wild

You weren't ready.

Really, you weren't. SiGMA was the Barbie of affiliate marketing with Oppenheimer's impact on the industry: it's still hard to imagine how many projects were discussed and how many plans are now in the works because of this one event connecting affiliates to affiliate ...

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Unlocking the Secrets of Web Mastery and Marketing at Webmaster Access

The long-awaited Webmaster Access, an affiliate veteran, celebrating its 20th anniversary on the market, opened its doors for the attendees on September 13. And what doors were they! The event took place at one of the most stunning hotels scattered around the city of Limassol, Grand Resort ...

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SiGMA Rockin' It Hard!

It was a bumpy ride, but it was worth it. SiGMA 2023 started to unroll in Limassol, Cyprus, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and the breathtaking sea views that could enthrall even the most indifferent person who'd visited resorts dozens of times. To enchant the attendees even ...

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Sending managers to conferences

Sending one manager to a conference costs approximately $6000 + their weekly pay. Providing him with business cards ~$70. Listening to the explanations why the business cards were left in a hotel room is priceless. Just as priceless as trying to write GEOs and verticals on the glossy surface of ...

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