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Seasoning in dating

Adverten_CPA Adverten_CPA wrote 14.02.2023
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Dating activities often depend on seasonality or even time of day. We have gathered some useful information on how to improve your earnings. Smartlink CPA network Adverten has analyzed the seasonality in dating and has given some advices to affiliates how to use these particularities to attract more leads.

Normally the start of the cold season is considered as a peak in condom sales, searches for pornography and dating sites, and a peak in doctor visits for sexually transmitted diseases.

October-February: Cuffing Season

The time from October and February is called “cuffing season” when singles stray into pairs. Days are shorter, temperature drops and many people look for someone to spend cold days in a cozy atmosphere. Yes, in October, 15% more singles start looking for relationships rather than casual sex. That’s why dating sites during this period are so popular. You can use any type of traffic to lead it to dating web sites.

During cuffing season, men are more active and more prone to impulsive actions. There is a good chance to get a large number of leads.

The peak of activity is in mid-December, before Christmas, when people do not want to be alone during the holidays.

Another peak activity on dating sites is noticed before St. Valentine’s Day. The reason is the same: lonely people are ready to do anything not to stay alone on this day. Traffic from social platforms could be very convertible. Take a look at newly released dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, which have a main audience (over 70%) of men.

Peak break-up times

Due to Facebook status analysis, there are seven periods when the amount break-ups rises extremely:

  • Saint Valentine’s. The most surprising fact is that many pairs split up before the most romantic day of the year and right after it.
  • Spring breaks. The temperature is going higher, the hormones are going wild, and some people think that spring can be the best chance to get something better.
  • April Fool’s Day. Somebody can take break-ups as a good joke. Or not.
  • Mondays. People come out of terrible weekends and post their bad news.
  • Summer Holidays. Necessity to go on vacation together can cause conflicts in pairs or even break-ups.
  • Two weeks before Christmas holiday. Some people prefer to break-up rather buy Christmas presents or introduce a girl-/boyfriend to family and friends.
  • Christmas Day. The most cruel and the most surprising decision that people can make on this day.

For those who works with traffic we can suggest two way to take advantages of these thing:

  • Lead traffic to dating sites to help people to fight fire with fire
  • Lead traffic to adult content as people like to satisfy themselves watching corresponding content to forget the bitterness of parting.

Interest in dating encourages men to install applications and update old ones. The time has come for open and depraved creatives in the spirit of cat girls.

As for creatives, images of girls aged 35+ are very popular.

Men’s/Women’s cycles

In October-November, men have a peak in testosterone production, pushing them in search of a partner. So, now you know who to target this period.

The peak of female sexual activity occurs in spring (April and May).

In the summer, sexual activity weakens due to the heat, and in the fall, the level of sex hormones rises as a "reserve". And people start spending them in autumn.

A little more about the target audience
The most interesting target audience for dating is men over 25 who are interested in speed dating. Also, they are the most solvent audience. According to Tinder statistics, their main interests are music, dogs, and travel.

To work and understand your target audience, you should try different options to determine your niche. The Adverten team recommends using the most realistic creatives without magazine models. They should be of interest to the potential user and be "in his category".

The most popular dating sites are presented on the screen below.

We all know that any time can be productive for dating. The most important thing is to understand your target audience and select the key components according to their wishes. Make experiments with creatives, try images with a "librarian" girl or an English teacher. Make your audience want a little more from you. Take a chance to make a lead

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