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Thailand Awaits: Your Affiliate World Journey Starts Now!

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 27.11.2023
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Thailand, Bangkok exclusively, has always been the centerpiece of the traveling cult. For years, it has been trailblazed by throngs of tourists, ready to pony up their money in order to attend wild parties, get tethered in the long streets flanked with shops, and leer at Buddhas, smiling from every corner. However, many people still neglect one facet of this universal gem: not only does Thailand attract ordinary people who plan nothing more but plunge into the exotic culture, but it also plays a significant part in affiliate marketing. Yes, you've got it right: this is where the winter round of the Affiliate World conference is taking place.

Be My Guest

Affiliate World shows are known for their outstanding ability to astound even the most fastidious affiliates who have visited every single conference and met every single celebrity. As the organizers keep up with the recent trends and perceptively watch the industry from afar to immediately spot the slightest change, they manage to invite people who cut an imposing figure, either by offering a sensational report or by setting up an exceptional booth that immediately attracts your attention, inducing you to initiate a networking session.

By the account of many, Barcelona was a bombshell. Thailand, however, has all the chances to easily outshine the Spanish conference.

Centara Grand. Source: Facebook
Centara Grand. Source: Facebook

First, we owe you a few words on the venue. Yes, it’s always classy, always exceptional, always top-notch, but this time, the place will surpass your wildest expectations. It will literally blow your world. This year, Affiliate World Asia, the grandest and most impressive show in the affiliate business, will be held in Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, located in the heart of Bangkok’s shopping and business district. This place hits like no other, and if you choose to stay there for the entire conference, you will be exposed to sheer luxury that can only be found in Hollywood movies, spectacular views that seem too breathtaking to be true, first-rate restaurants that make Gordon Ramsey jealous, and superb resort-style facilities one can only dream of. Of course, your primary focus is Affiliate World Asia, as you come here to do real business, but make sure you wallow in comfort before starting another busy day in the convention center.

Breathtaking views of the city from Centara Grand. Source: Facebook
Breathtaking views of the city from Centara Grand. Source: Facebook

Get Down to Work

Now that you have no doubts concerning the taste and the innate sense of aesthetics the organizers tend to exploit to deliver unique experiences to all affiliates regardless of their niche, age, background, skill, or performance, let’s discuss the more professional aspects of the upcoming event.

Right from the get-go, Affiliate World offers an exclusive opportunity to breeze through the essential topics of the industry. Roman Khan, a Peak founder, will take you behind the scenes of Raycon, explaining how a modest brand can reach a $200M revenue in under two years. His presentation is a natural case study, supplied with the visuals the expert used to reach his goal: he is willing to provide landing pages, creatives, influence marketing, and YouTube strategies, letting you examine the entire framework. You absolutely can’t miss it: who knows which ploys and tricks you can employ in your own campaigns?..

Affiliate World Asia, speakers
Affiliate World Asia, speakers

Then, make sure to attend Jess Vassallo’s presentation. Evocative Media Founder & Head of Growth, she knows how to make a real profit… on emails. It’s not a joke: this world-class email marketer will talk you through her BFCM launch and engagement sequence, illustrating why ads aren’t enough for a successful campaign. Feel free to attend the workshop: there’s no other chance to get an insider look at exclusive million-dollar case studies Jess is willing to offer.

How diverse are the talks? Well, we’ve briefly mentioned the strategies, and now it’s time to bring up one of the most controversial topics: AI. Liss Graham, Graham List Management CEO and President will amplify Jess’s report by providing five AI tools to automate your daily routine and increase the efficiency and performance of your campaign.

Maybe these are not for you? Okay, improve your TikTok expertise with Zach Murray, Founder. Everyone who struggles to crank out converting creatives for TikTok should attend it. This report is a must-do for everyone dealing with the platform.

It’s impossible to enumerate all the speakers in one article, but you will definitely find something to your liking, as Affiliate World Asia strives to highlight all the branches of the industry. To succeed, they created tracks: just pick the one that appeals to you the most and explore. Native Ads? Here. GEO-specific strategies? Done. Viral content trends in TikTok? There you go. YouTube video ad creatives? At your service. As you can see, no matter which vertical you represent, you will get an opportunity to burnish your skills and refine your knowledge. Combine it with extensive networking sessions, the natural rapport between newly found and old partners, and the creative approaches you pick here and there, and you’ll be able to ignite an auspicious ad campaign the world hasn’t seen yet.


Enough talking! Here are all the details you need to fly over to Bangkok and get a lifetime experience at Affiliate World Asia 2023.

Date: 7-8 December 2023.

Venue: Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center Level 22, 999/99 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. The Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center is on the 22nd floor of the CentralWorld shopping complex.

Tickets: Before you smash that CLAIM NOW button, check out an exclusive offer. All Traffic Cardinal readers can get a $50 discount.

Without the discount, the prices are:

Ticket prices
Ticket prices

Wrapping Up

Affiliate World Asia bodes sweeping success to anyone visiting it: not only does it unite affiliates from all over the world, but it also provides all attendees with an exceptional opportunity to acquire new knowledge and forge partnerships and friendships while exploring the world of trends. Fighting market fluctuations and turbulence with skill and expertise is one way to do it, but imagine how much you can do with the new tools, knowledge, and newly gained resilience after a relaxing spa session in the heart of Thailand.

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