Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 20.05.2024

Traffic Cardinal x July TikTok Meetup. Podcast

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 20.05.2024
2 min

This is what makes a good conference perfect: a decent side-event that helps you harness the skills, solidify the connections, and get a viselike grip on the most reliable traffic sources. But who is standing behind the networking magic? How does it work from the inside? How is possible to always stay in the loop and keep up the pace with the ever-changing trends?

July from TT Meetup is here to share.

TT Meetup is a unique event everyone wants to attend: after all, the world is fluent in TikTok, and those who lack the knowledge or the skill want to get a grip and find the right approach and tame the platform. If you wondered whether you could find any classes related to TikTok proficiency, check this one out – it’s worth visiting, really. This time, however, we decided to focus on the other facets of the event. In this podcast, you will discover the history of TT Meetup. The organizers speak about their personal journey and dwell on the incipient ideas, briefly reflecting on how the pandemic prompted and foretold the event. It was supposed to be a chamber meeting, but it expanded further and opened its doors to more attendees, evolving into a large-scale gathering.

There were challenges, too. All countries are different, and each requires a specific perspective, vision, and slant. However, strategic planning has always been on fleek, so the organizers never fail to team up with various conferences around the world and provide valuable insights and unique experiences, inviting the most prominent speakers with the most exciting presentations.

But we are talking too much. Give the podcast a listen and pry behind the curtain of one of the most impressive events in the affiliate marketing industry.

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