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Traffic Arbitrage: The Full Guide for Beginners

You can make money on the Internet in different ways: if you have no experience, surf sites and perform various tasks. If you're an upgraded professional with an impressive skillset, set up an advertising campaign, try SEO or marketing on social networks. You can choose one option and work with ...

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Be in Charge of Your CPL: Metrics Explained

Every affiliate asks one and the same question at the beginning of their journey, and this question is how to calculate the cost of a lead. Luckily, there's a specifically designed advertising metric called CPL—one important aspect we are dedicating our article to. Let's find out the details. ...

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Affastra Review

Affiliate network Affastra works on gambling/betting verticals. There are more than 130 offers with only licensed casinos and betting offices; all are updated daily.

Affastra has been successfully working for more than ten years as a direct advertiser on the esoteric vertical. Previously, ...

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Apple Pausing Gambling Ads

The gambling world is moving on and developing, eventually trying to take casinos under legislative control. In fact, gambling and betting have always been heavily restricted. However, developers still discover ways to promote their slots within the legal framework, thanks to advertising ...

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