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FIGHT or Flight Investments: New Tokens Revealed

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 01.02.2023
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Despite the severe conditions of the market in the past year, people nonetheless fought for profit, using their best abilities, wit, intelligence, and tools, bringing crypto to the foreground. As a result, Move-2-Earn tokens grew popular. They directly or indirectly developed other projects with a similar mechanism in the core, pushing people to embrace a healthy lifestyle and make money simultaneously. Hop on to see how to follow suit!

Born to FIGHT, Learn to Earn

The main idea of the FightOut project is that you improve your condition, train more effectively, and overall work on your well-being. Sounds like a good option for those who despised sports and couldn't find enough energy to haul their piteous self to the nearest gym (the author of that article is certainly one of those doleful individuals).

So, why is it any different from dozens of apps already existing on the Internet? Well, the developers promise that not only will FightOut track and fix a user's exercises but also it is expected to replace a fitness coach. The plan is to educate newcomers and direct experts to improve the quality of their training, interactively controlling the process.

Another feature that makes this app unique is the reward offered to gymgoers. Those who achieve their goals receive FGHT tokens that will be applied to the whole FightOut ecosystem. If you surfed the Internet looking for a great investment option, there it is: tokens on presale. Check this out!

Ambassadors Revealed

What is essential for a promising, hyped-up app intending to unleash its potential in the fitness and crypto sphere? You're right: the coaches. So, understanding the importance of this aspect, the FightOut team has been strenuously working to attract athletic celebrities to the project. For the time being, several outstanding professionals are collaborating with the platform: MMA fighters Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, professional boxer Savannah Marshal, and fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch.

FGHT Presaled

Ah, there you are, looking for the best crypto presale. We are not pushing you in any direction, but we are very much willing to show you the opportunities.

As you already know from the previous paragraph, FGHT tokens are on presale; detailed information regarding the conditions, terms, and deadlines can be found on the official FightOut website. However, let us give you a heads-up: you'd better hurry up. The breakneck speed with which these coins are sold may signify that the presale will most likely be completed before the deadline.

The presale process has several stages. Each time it enters a new stage, the price grows consequently. Following this simple logic, we can assume that those who bought the coin first can now amass tokens and receive profit from listing on exchanges.

Investing in the Presale

  • Set up a crypto wallet. Before you start your real investment business, get a crypto wallet: without this you will not be able to obtain access to the FightOut presale. While the choice is always yours, you can try, for example, Wallet Connect or MetaMask.

  • Buy ETH/USDT. Now, it's growing a little tedious, but you'll get used to it: successful investors do it on a regular basis, and so will you. Find a crypto exchange to your liking, buy ETH or USDT, and transfer them to your crypto wallet.

  • Connect the wallet to the presale. With the assets in your wallets, you're fully prepared for the most important step. Go to the FightOut website, press the button CONNECT in the top right corner of the screen and follow the instructions.

  • Buy FGHT tokens. The moment of truth has come, and you can finally accomplish the task. Choose the option buy with ETH/USDT (depending on which coins you have), enter the number of tokens you wish to get, and press CONVERT. Ta-da! Expect to receive your token on the presale platform when the presale is closed.


Vicissitudes of investment as a branch can be much more for anyone to handle, but token presales prove to be an easy and beneficial start in crypto, letting you form an impression of the whole sphere. When the coin appears on exchanges, its value increases in no time. That's why FightOut and their FGHT tokens are so attractive: buying them at a bargain price, you can watch them grow and develop, simultaneously exploring the world of investment.


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