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5 Crypto Pitfalls to Avoid

The growing number of various crypto exchanges and trading platforms impelled people to invest in digital currencies, but only a limited number of investors know that there is a lot to consider and a lot to acknowledge.

Let’s examine 5 most common mistakes in crypto to see what you can do ...

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Analyzing Bitcoin: 2023 Expectations

Even by the standards of the crypto market with its unstable components, Bitcoin is still deemed extremely volatile. Oddly enough, it doesn't deter investors from the coin: instead of turning to safer options, for example, USDT, they prefer to stick to BTC as it brings high profit. But is it, in ...

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FIGHT or Flight Investments: New Tokens Revealed

Despite the severe conditions of the market in the past year, people nonetheless fought for profit, using their best abilities, wit, intelligence, and tools, bringing crypto to the foreground. As a result, Move-2-Earn tokens grew popular. They directly or indirectly developed other projects with ...

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DeFi-ing Gravity, Obeying New Market Order

DeFi, or decentralized finance, is an innovative crypto niche that has been growing for the last 2 years. We can safely say that it is an emerging financial technology that challenges the conventional centralized banking system by eliminating fees charged by banking services and promoting P2P ...

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Investing $1000

Beginners may find investment tricky: they will have to deal with deep analyses and difficult choices, which by itself demands a lot of knowledge and expertise.

But don't you worry: we've got your back! Hurry up: there are some wonderful ways to invest your $1000!

Is it even possible ...

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Is Crypto Bad For the Environment?

At the same time, Bitcoin is not the only blockchain network in the crypto space: there are many others, for example, Ethereum. After the long-awaited Merge, Ethereum is reported to have lowered energy consumption by 99% (refer to Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI) for more info.)


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