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Twitch Your Way to Riches: A Guide for Aspiring Streamers

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Video games are not only profitable for their developers but also for the players. By mastering the art of monetizing Twitch streams, individuals can start earning upwards of $1,000. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on generating revenue through Twitch and strategies to accelerate your earnings on the platform.

Making Money on Twitch: Reality or Myth?

Earning on Twitch is feasible, especially given its vast and engaged viewership. Daily, the platform sees approximately 71 million hours of content consumed, with a focus on video games and esports. However, Twitch also hosts a variety of channels covering music, film, cooking, etc.

The demographic is predominantly youthful, with nearly 75% aged between 18 to 34, and a majority being male.

Monetizing streams on Twitch can be straightforward for those with charisma and the ability to engage with their audience. Yet, the quality of your streaming equipment plays a crucial role. High-quality cameras and microphones, along with a reliable computer, are essential to draw viewers. Low-quality streams deter viewership, akin to the aversion to subpar movies. Therefore, initial investments in equipment can be substantial but are necessary for success.

Monetization Strategies on Twitch

Building a profitable presence on Twitch begins with audience development. As you gain viewers and subscribers, you can start earning money. Twitch offers several primary monetization methods.

Twitch Affiliate Program

The Twitch Affiliate Program rewards streamers with a share of subscription fees and advertising revenue. There are two levels of partnership:

Affiliate status. This initial level grants access to essential monetization tools such as paid subscriptions, Bits donations and advertising. Affiliates can also earn points, run polls and replay streams. To qualify for Affiliate status, you must:

  • Stream for a total of 8 hours over a month.
  • Stream on at least 7 different days.
  • Have a minimum of 50 subscribers.
  • Maintain an average of at least three concurrent viewers.

Partner status. This advanced level provides additional benefits, like forming streamer squads, extended broadcast storage (60 days), and more. For Partner status, the criteria are:

  • Stream for at least 25 hours in 30 days.
  • Stream on 12 different days.
  • Average at least 75 concurrent viewers per stream.

Note: Fulfilling these requirements doesn’t guarantee status approval. Twitch may decline applications based on other factors, such as age restrictions.

Upon approval, you’ll receive a notification and must complete the following steps:

  • Finish the affiliate registration.
  • Submit tax information.
  • Verify transfer details.
  • Agree to the Twitch Affiliate terms.

Ways to Monetize Content on Twitch

Twitch content can be monetized through several methods:

  • Paid subscriptions. These allow viewers to support streamers financially. Subscription costs vary by country, but they provide a consistent income, with streamers earning half the subscription fee each month. Subscribers receive perks like unique channel emojis and access to exclusive chats.
  • Bits. Twitch’s virtual currency lets users support streamers during chats. Each Bit used in a streamer’s chat translates to $0.01 for them. While not a significant income source, Bits foster closer interaction with engaged viewers.

  • Advertising. Twitch partners and affiliates generate income from ads. Streamers can initiate ads of varying lengths, from 30 to 90 seconds, directly from their accounts. Ad revenue is view-dependent – the more views, the higher the earnings.
  • Merchandise sales. Affiliates can sell games and in-game items. When a streamer plays a game available for purchase on Twitch, a sales window appears under the stream and the streamer earns 5% from purchases made by viewers.
  • Direct advertisers. This method suits well-established channels. Brands and companies often approach streamers to promote products during broadcasts and include promotional links.

Earnings Potential with Twitch Affiliate Program

The income from Twitch Affiliate Program varies widely. Streamers may earn as little as $50 or well over $1,000 each month. This variance is influenced by several factors, including the frequency of streams, the content of the games discussed, the number of subscribers and their level of engagement.

Subscriptions are the primary source of income for streamers. For instance, 10 paid subscribers could contribute approximately $25 monthly, depending on their geographic location. In contrast, 100 Bits equate to just $1, meaning that while Bits can enhance viewer interaction, they are not a significant revenue stream.


During live streams, viewers have the option to donate to content creators as a token of appreciation and support. Donations are a prevalent source of income for streamers, though the total monthly amount can fluctuate, making it a variable income stream.

There are two types of donations on Twitch:

  • Inbuilt donations. These are made using Bits, Twitch’s virtual currency. For every Bit used in the chat, the streamer earns a nominal amount.
  • External donations. Streamers can integrate third-party donation services. Viewers send money through these platforms and the streamer can then transfer the funds to their preferred payment method. It’s important to note that service fees may apply.

Popular Platforms for Receiving Donations


Streamlabs is a top choice for streamers, offering a free suite of tools for live streaming and donation processing. It does not charge a commission on donations, but standard payment system fees apply. Streamers can withdraw their earnings via PayPal and the platform is available globally, making it accessible for a wide user base.


DonationAlerts offers a user-friendly platform for streamers to receive donations during their live broadcasts. The service charges a commission included in the payment system’s fee and streamers can set up to five different withdrawal methods, ensuring flexibility and convenience. DonationAlerts is available in multiple languages and regions, providing a diverse range of streamers the opportunity to earn revenue.


StreamElements is another comprehensive platform that offers monetization options through sponsorships and donations. It allows streamers to engage with brand sponsors and monetize their channel effectively. The platform processes payments with a delay of up to 45 days, depending on the campaign and offers protection against chargebacks. StreamElements is available in several countries, offering streamers of all levels a chance to make money from their content.

These platforms offer robust solutions for streamers to monetize their channels through donations, each with its own set of features, fees and withdrawal methods to suit different needs and preferences. For the most current information on fees and payment methods, we recommend reviewing their terms and conditions.

Alternative Donation Methods

For streamers preferring not to use third-party services, there’s the option to directly list payment details, such as a bank card or e-wallet, in the channel’s description. This method, however, lacks Twitch integration, meaning you won’t receive notifications about who made the donation, making it challenging to acknowledge your supporters personally.

One downside to this approach is that viewers often prefer not to donate anonymously, which can result in fewer contributions. Moreover, donation amounts can be unpredictable and largely influenced by chance. For instance, in a notable case from April 2021, streamer Cameron Ferguson received a single donation of $85,000, highlighting the variability in potential earnings.

Maximising Donations on Twitch

To enhance the quantity and generosity of donations on Twitch, consider these strategies:

  • Activate notifications. Linking a donation service enables on-screen alerts showcasing donor names and contribution amounts during your stream.
  • Acknowledge donations. Express gratitude and engage with donors, fostering a sense of community and appreciation.
  • Hold off on withdrawals. Delay fund withdrawals to address any accidental over-donations or suspicious transactions, ensuring goodwill and financial security.
  • Engage with polls. Encourage viewers to “vote” with their wallets on topics for future streams, with the most funded suggestion taking precedence.
  • Set donation goals. Clearly communicate fundraising objectives, such as upgrading equipment or special events and visually track progress during your stream.
  • Implement a points system. Reward viewer engagement with channel points, redeemable for special perks like exclusive emojis, enhancing viewer interaction.

These methods not only incentivize contributions but also build a supportive and interactive streaming environment.

Direct Advertising and Sponsorship

Products like weight loss supplements may not resonate with the Twitch community. In contrast, the gaming industry sees robust engagement, with items such as video games, gaming peripherals and virtual goods performing well. Titles like Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto and Counter-Strike are among the frontrunners for in-game purchases.

Many prominent streamers capitalise on their brand by selling merchandise. Take Couriway, for instance, whose Twitch profile features a direct link to his branded apparel store, offering items like T-shirts and sweatshirts. Impressively, he retains 100% of the sales revenue.

For newcomers, generating income through merchandise can be challenging. Instead, focusing on sponsorships can be more fruitful. As your audience grows, advertisers will naturally gravitate towards you. However, taking the initiative to reach out to companies for potential collaborations can be advantageous.

Platforms such as DonationAlerts and StreamElements extend beyond donation collection services. They also provide a marketplace for streamers to connect with advertisers, presenting a valuable opportunity for those looking to expand their sponsorship horizons.

Banner Advertising

If you hold affiliate or partner status, you’re eligible to integrate banner ads into your stream. This feature enables you to monetize your channel by selling both tangible goods and digital items.

Here are the ways to acquire banner ads:

  • Direct advertisers. Engage with advertisers directly to display their ads on your channel. Compensation is typically based on the number of clicks or impressions.
  • CPA networks. Collaborate with Cost-Per-Action networks where you’re paid based on user purchases attributed to your ad.

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In-Stream Advertising

Streamers can earn revenue through integrated advertising during their live streams. This can take the form of displaying straightforward promotional messages urging viewers to make a purchase or seamlessly incorporating promotions, such as wearing branded apparel or using products from sponsors during your stream.

The potential earnings from integrated advertising are variable. Established streamers often secure long-term sponsorship deals, while emerging content creators may engage in one-time product promotions.

Generally, a streamer’s income from integrated ads correlates with their fame and audience size. On platforms like Twitch, user engagement is high and the presence of bots is minimal due to regular platform audits to ensure authenticity.

Consider the following strategies for product promotion on Twitch:

  • Opt for brevity. Incorporate multiple short, 30-second advertisements during your stream rather than lengthy ones at the start or finish. This keeps viewers engaged without overwhelming them.
  • Advertise wisely. Keep ad frequency in check. Consider disabling direct ads for your paid subscribers as a token of appreciation – it’s not mandatory, but it’s a common practice among streamers to thank their supporters.
  • Embrace subtle branding. Utilise subtle forms of advertising, like wearing apparel with a visible brand logo. This type of native advertising is less intrusive yet still captures the audience’s attention effectively.

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Revenue from Stream Recordings

Sharing your Twitch stream recordings on YouTube can be a beneficial way for additional income. Once your channel hits the 1,000-subscriber mark, you’ll be eligible to activate YouTube’s monetization features. However, it’s important to remember that Twitch’s content monetization rules require a 24-hour waiting period before you can upload stream recordings to YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a prevalent method for earning on Twitch, distinct from being a Twitch affiliate. It operates straightforwardly: secure an affiliate link for a product, feature it on your channel and you’ll receive a commission – typically between 5% to 30% of the product’s price – each time a viewer clicks through and completes a purchase.

For newcomers, the Amazon Associates program offers a gateway to affiliate earnings. As a participant, you can highlight Amazon products, share affiliate links on your channel and during streams and earn a commission for every viewer purchase.

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How Much You Can Earn on Twitch as a Beginner

Earnings on Twitch can vary widely and are influenced by several factors, including the streamer’s charisma and a bit of luck. Significant donations can occasionally come through, leading to a surge in paid subscriptions post-stream.

Additionally, earnings are influenced by the geographical location of subscribers. For instance, a monthly subscription is priced at $7.99 in Canada, $2.99 in China, and $4.99 in the UK. You can find the complete list here. Streamers receive 50% of the subscription fee.

On average, new Twitch streamers can expect to earn anywhere from $50 to $1,500 monthly, largely dependent on their viewer count.

Earnings vs. Subscriber Count Chart

Viewer Count per Stream

Monthly Average Revenue















Twitch Earnings Insight

The Twitch platform has catapulted many streamers to financial success. American streamer Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, is a standout with an estimated annual income of around $5 million from Twitch. His earnings highlight the platform’s potential for those who can attract a large and dedicated following.

Joining Ninja in the upper echelon of Twitch earners are Jynxzi and KaiCenat, who have captivated audiences with their gameplay and personalities, leading to substantial monthly earnings. Gaules, Tumblurr and Papaplatte also rank among the top earners, using a mix of bits, subscriptions, ads and sponsorships to monetize their channels effectively.

Withdrawing Funds from Twitch

Twitch previously had a minimum payout threshold of $100, but it has since been lowered to $50. Payouts are typically processed around the 15th of each month and streamers must have their accounts set to a payable status and have a valid payout method configured to receive their earnings.

Twitch offers multiple withdrawal methods for streamers:

  • ACH. Exclusive to U.S. streamers, ACH withdrawals are processed within two days.
  • Bank transfer. International transfers incur a fee and interest, with the amount varying by bank.
  • PayPal. A 2% fee applies to transactions, which are typically completed within two days.
  • Wire transfer. This method can take up to two weeks, with fees dependent on the bank’s rates.
  • eCheck. For non-USD accounts, the system automatically converts currencies at the wholesale rate. Funds are credited within two days and fees vary by country.

These options provide flexibility for streamers to access their earnings according to their preferences and location.

Guidance for New Streamers on Twitch

Beginning as a new streamer can be challenging and it may take a few months to start earning. Reaching the initial 50+ subscribers required for monetization is a common hurdle, so patience is key, with income typically starting to flow after 3-6 months.

To accelerate subscriber growth, consider these tips:

  • Discover your unique appeal. If gaming skills aren’t your strength, let your personality shine. A streamer’s charisma can significantly impact their channel’s popularity and donation size.
  • Be original. Authenticity is crucial. Viewers are drawn to original content, not imitations of other streamers.
  • Maintain a consistent schedule. Regular broadcasts help viewers know when to tune in. Utilise Twitch’s “Schedule” feature to keep your audience informed. For impromptu streams, promote them on social media beforehand.
  • Leverage multiple platforms. Cross-promotion is effective. Platforms like YouTube are significant traffic drivers to Twitch. Use various social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach potential viewers.
  • Engage with the community. Active participation in other streamers’ chats can lead to collaborations and audience sharing. Observing seasoned streamers can provide insights into effective engagement strategies.
  • Interact with your audience. Promptly responding to messages can encourage viewers to continue their support. A responsive streamer creates a more inviting atmosphere.
  • Acknowledge your viewers. Reading and responding to chat during streams shows you value viewer interaction, which can boost loyalty and subscriptions.
  • Optimise your profile. A well-crafted Twitch profile can attract more followers. Take inspiration from successful streamers to enhance your profile’s appeal.


Twitch offers numerous ways to monetize your streams. However, immediate earnings are unlikely; it takes time to cultivate your channel. Patience is essential for growth. Remember to use other platforms to broaden your streaming audience.


How many followers do I need on Twitch to monetize my channel?
You need a minimum of 50 subscribers to start monetizing your Twitch channel.
What’s the payment for advertising on Twitch?
Payment varies as streamers earn based on the viewership of ad blocks – the more views, the higher the payment.
What do Twitch affiliates and partners typically earn?
Earnings vary with audience size. Affiliates and partners receive at least 50% of their channel’s subscription fees, plus revenues from ads and Bits. Moderators’ earnings can average around $500, influenced by their work hours and responsibilities.
Is it easy to earn points on Twitch?
Points can be earned through various activities like viewing streams, subscribing, participating in Cheer chats, etc.

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