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Find Your Perfect Match: Niches and Their Money-Making Traffic Sources

Many novice affiliate marketers fall into the trap of choosing the wrong niche and traffic source and end up wasting their money. To help you avoid this pitfall, we have prepared an article on how to select a suitable niche and drive traffic to it.

In affiliate marketing, products and ...

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Traffic Cardinal x KJ Rocker Podcast. P.3

We’ve invented a podcast series, and our leading star is world-famous KJ Rocker. We’ve already covered an enormous number of topics (here

and here

and we’re not done yet!

This time our eminent guest is speaking about the technical part of the job, unraveling conundrums and ...

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The Anatomy of an Offer: A Detailed Breakdown of Its Definition and Types

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you have a lot to learn, including some unfamiliar terms. One of them is “offer”. But before you can graspon the meaning of the word in this niche, you need to know its general definition, meaning and features in other fields.

An offer is simply a ...

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Driving Financial Traffic to Vietnam: Reviewing GEO, Creos, and Offers

Microloans in Vietnam are one of the most popular niches in the local CPA industry. The absence of a minimum wage and low GDP in tow create an exceptionally favorable environment for the microfinance market. Another thing that contributes to the prosperity of the vertical is the traditional way ...

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Big Interview with Amy Cheung, STM Forum Senior Moderator

STM Forum is the largest affiliate forum. Experts and promising newbies gather here to exchange their experiences. Today we would like to share a big interview with Amy Cheung, STM Forum Senior Moderator . Let's dive into the ins and outs of the affiliate industry. Check the interview and ...

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Pinterest vs. Instagram: Which Platform is Better for Affiliate Marketing in 2023

There are countless online platforms that can help you promote your business. As your marketing activity expands, the key to maximizing reach and increasing conversions is selecting the ideal platform. In a highly competitive market, Pinterest and Instagram are now well-established social ...

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Drive Financial Traffic to Mexico: GEO, Creo, and Offer Overview

Mexico is the flagship among Latin American GEOs. It ranks second after Brazil in terms of GDP, but at the same time, it is ahead of Brazil in terms of living standards. Furthermore, the majority of Mexicans, although they like to overspend, are far from rich people, which creates excellent ...

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Business Development Manager Explained

In the last six months you could have come across such a term as BDM or BizDev. Let’s explore together what role this manager plays in affiliate marketing and why the following position became popular overnight. We will also help you understand whether your team needs a specialist in this field ...

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Marketing KPIs: Track, Analyze, Improve

A thorough analysis of CR, CTR, and other key indicators can provide valuable insights on how to develop and implement strategies that would increase your profit. Moreover, statistical data can also help you to identify and avoid mistakes in the early stages, thus saving the budget. Today we ...

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Boosting Your Revenue with AI Tools

Campaign expansion, A/B tests, and statistics analyses take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, it can be dealt with quickly if you use artificial intelligence tools.

In this article, we review top AI marketing solutions, showing how they can make your life easier.

Modern AI-based ...

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