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AI Influencers: A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy or a Fad to Forget?

Artificial intelligence is a powerful ally for selling products and boosting brands. Affiliate marketers should embrace these technologies, as it will become a dominant force in 2024, and by 2025 – a vital necessity. Without AI skills, you will be out of loop and even out of job. But no worries, ...

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The WOW Effect: Guerrilla Marketing Techniques to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This quote may seem out of place in a marketing article, but it actually unveils the secret of a powerful and innovative way of promoting a product or service. A way that surprises and delights the customers with unconventional ...

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Facebook’s Metaverse: The Next Frontier of Digital Experience

On October 28, 2021, Facebook Inc. announced a major change: it was rebranding itself as Meta (Meta Platforms, Inc.). The move was not about abandoning its popular apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, but rather about embracing a new vision and direction. Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants ...

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Scale Up Your Business with Push.House

In an age when time means everything and much more than just money, affiliates can't afford to loiter around and compare multiple networks that resemble each other: there are too many things to keep your eyes on, too many campaigns to run, too many trends to observe, and too many tasks to focus ...

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Affiliate Business Club Tearing Barcelona Down

The atmosphere matters.

Whether you're connecting with a media mogul, affiliate guru, or motivational speaker, the result of your effort may depend on the situation. On the premises, in formally coded surroundings, you can confer with eminent head honchos, but the topics will strictly be ...

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The Ultimate AW Barcelona Guide: Best Things to Do at the Conference

July 12 is a big day for any affiliate marketer: it is the day when one of the most anticipated conferences is to unroll. Affiliate World Europe takes place in Fira de Barcelona and lasts two days, but if you're planning to jump on the plane to attend this outstanding, magnificent, ...

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Welcome to My Instagram Channel & Don’t Forget to Subscribe!

Social media platforms evolve with each day: some offer interesting updates, others are more contradictory than useful, but every step is an important stage that enhances our user experience and a fruitful ground for new undertakings, which can help you scrape up a fortune. Yes, here they are, ...

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The Secret Gems of the Philippines: Reviewing the GEO

The Philippines are deemed one of the most popular Asian GEO in the finance niche: the client flow is stable, and the competition is practically non-existent. What else is needed? A little context for a better understanding.

Online loan services in the Philippines are only incipient, so if ...

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Brazil Offer With 57% Reg2Dep Conversion: Review

Here's an offer not many people know about: you probably have no idea how Brazil can boost your conversion rate. Take a look at the review and don't miss a chance to make real money!

After a thorough analysis of our ecosystem, we found a brand that was very much in favor with the local ...

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FraudScore Exploring 2022 Trends

Fraud is the new plague: it is practically everywhere, no matter the sphere, no matter the field of expertise. Affiliate marketers, though, might be the only category of people that faces it on a regular basis — and works tightly with it, trying to avoid the most intricate types of fraud. That’s ...

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