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Boosting Your Revenue with AI Tools

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 12.04.2023
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Campaign expansion, A/B tests, and statistics analyses take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, it can be dealt with quickly if you use artificial intelligence tools.

In this article, we review top AI marketing solutions, showing how they can make your life easier.

TOP-10 AI Marketing Tools

Modern AI-based technologies cover most of the routine work that affiliates face every day: writing SEO-optimized articles, creating videos from scripts, voicing creatives or A/B testing.

Frase AI

Frase AI is a popular service for SEO content creation. Using this platform, you can research keywords, devise texts by specified criteria, and run SEO analysis of ready-made materials. On average, it only takes from 6 seconds to 1 minute for Fraser to perform a single task. How cool is that?

Frase home page
Frase home page

Frase AI also offers additional features that will come in handy.

Here is how it can help you:

  • looks for content ideas to include in your publishing schedule;

  • builds topic clusters for better ranking;

  • identifies flaws in the existing text (Search Console tool);

  • discovers the most promising keywords that you are not ranking for yet;

  • compares your content to your top search competitors.

It is a real treasure of useful features for affiliates that work with SEO texts and contextual advertising. In just a few minutes, you can create a semantic core, evaluate your competitors, improve your existing texts, and create new ones from scratch.

General information:

Interface language: English

Trial period: 5 days ($1 fee)

Price: $14,99 — $114,99 per month

Topic Mojo

Topic Mojo is a tool for in-depth topic research, which discovers fresh ideas for your blog and creatives. It also analyzes relevant search queries. You can get all this information just by entering a couple of keywords.

Topic Mojo home page
Topic Mojo home page

This tool is also capable of monitoring search query updates for the chosen topic. The following feature will be especially helpful for those affiliates who want to get additional SEO traffic or low-priced Google Ads clicks. Other valuable Topic Mojo features are:

  • SEO text rewriting;

  • parameter-based search for trending videos;

  • question finder for any product or brand name;

  • SEO data (search volume, cost per click, relevance, etc.);

  • reports on newly discovered search queries for your topic;

  • potential audience review (e.g. current needs and top purchases in certain GEO).

Another great advantage is that you can easily find popular offers and effective creatives and analyze the way your fellow affiliates work.

General information:

Interface language: any

Free trial: yes

Price: $7,5 — $39,5 per month


Descript is a multifunctional AI-based file editor. It is a perfect match for the affiliates who work with video creatives, drive conditionally free traffic to Youtube and TikTok or have a personal blog or a podcast.

Descript home page
Descript home page

Descript allows you to edit videos, improve voiceover in creatives, make videos unique, automatically add subtitles, etc. There are also some other time-consuming tasks that it can relieve from you:

  • accurate audio and video transcription;

  • storyboards and video editing;

  • filler word removal;

  • audio quality enhancement (background noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation);

  • social media video maker (includes a built-in library of video, audio, GIF and image files);

  • natural sounding text-to-speech;

  • overlay of multiple sounds to avoid Youtube copyright claims.

General information:

Interface language: supports 23 languages (English, Turkish, Italian, etc.)

Free trial: yes

Price: $12 — $24 per month

Jasper AI is a highly popular copyrighting tool. It does a good job at writing texts, searching for new ideas for creatives, and scaling up ad campaigns.

Jasper AI home page
Jasper AI home page is a good choice if you want to promptly cover most of the writing tasks in your everyday affiliate marketing routine:

  • create a high-quality SEO text;

  • spot new post ideas for your blog;

  • write a script for your video creatives;

  • compile SEO-optimized descriptions for Youtube;

  • draft an ad for Facebook or Google Ads;

  • prepare email newsletters;

  • fill out a product card, etc.

It is a gem for those who work with newsletters, SEO, targeted advertising, lengthy Youtube videos or sell products on marketplaces. But it is important to keep in mind that the texts generated by Jasper might still require additional editing and plagiarism check.

General information:

Interface language: supports 30 languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, etc.)

Free trial: no

Price: from $82 per month / optional: customized plan


Pictory is an AI-powered tool for video marketing that can easily turn long-reads, scripts, and podcasts into compelling videos. It can also automatically seek out eye-catching moments from your long-form content and create short and potentially viral video highlights for TikTok, Youtube Shorts or Instagram reels.

 Pictory home page
Pictory home page

There are various built-in text and video editing features and its interface is so user-friendly that even a newbie can create top-notch video creatives. On top of that, you can:

  • convert text to video using URL;

  • automatically add captions and subtitles to your video;

  • remove filler words and pauses;

  • create individually tailored videos from scratch;

  • narrate with realistic voiceovers (your own or AI).

It is a cost-effective solution if you are into video advertising, driving traffic from TikTok, Reels, Youtube or creating vlogs.

General information:

Interface language: English

Free trial: yes

Price: $19 — $39 per month / optional: customized plan


Postaga is an automation email marketing tool. This service allows you to put on stream and scale up cold outreach campaigns along with creating personalized email newsletters.

Postaga home page
Postaga home page

Besides, it can analyze websites or landing pages and come up with fresh insights for newsletters based on the obtained data. There are a few more functions to check out:

  • built-in CRM system;

  • opportunity finder (filtered search for websites, blogs or companies);

  • personalized emails with customized snippets;

  • email sequence automator based on your contacts’ actions;

  • contact finder (social profile information, email, LinkedIn accounts, etc.)

General information:

Interface language: English

Free trial: yes

Price: $84 — $250 per month


Simplified is a multi-purpose platform that meets almost every requirement when it comes to making creatives. It includes tools for graphic design, video production, and content creation.

Simplified home page
Simplified home page

You will definitely benefit from Simplified, no matter what kind of traffic source you prefer. If you need to write catchy ad titles for Facebook or Google, draft a product description or a review, this tool is just for you. It also edits images in one click (e.g. remove the background or add a new element to the creative). Here are some other features this service can offer:

  • ready-made templates for banners, push notifications, social media posts and stories;

  • image, video, audio, gif and font library;

  • professional multimedia file editor;

  • social media scheduling tool;

  • AI copywriting for socials, blogs, e-commerce websites, etc.;

  • meme generator.

General information:

Interface language: English

Free trial: yes

Price: $30 — $125 per month


Manychat is an AI chatbot builder that helps automate interactive conversations with your clients and provides analytics, post planner and more.

Manychat home page
Manychat home page

This is an indispensable tool for affiliates who drive traffic from chatbots. It is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail and sms. It also includes:

  • ready-made bot patterns;

  • contact data acquisition system;

  • tags for audience segmentation;

  • randomizer for A/B testing;

  • direct integrations with 2000+ popular services.

General information:

Interface language: English

Free trial: yes

Price: $15 per month


Optmyzr is a popular management software for contextual and targeted advertising. It is capable of running a detailed analysis of campaigns, generating ads, managing keywords, bids and budgets. It is a magic wand for those affiliates who work with contextual advertising and PPC campaigns.

Optmyzr home page
Optmyzr home page

You can draft ads based on product feed by using Optmyzr templates. It is also possible to audit ad accounts and generate customized reports (Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook). Other useful Optmyzr features also allow you to:

  • monitor historical quality score for your ad performance;

  • run A/B testing for campaigns;

  • analyze landing pages and separate campaigns;

  • track ROI and conversion rate;

  • research keywords;

  • manage bids, campaigns, budgets, etc.;

  • spot error pages (e.g, 404);

  • optimize your strategies based on geo heat map;

  • use report templates or create ones of your own.

General information:

Interface language: English

Free trial: no

Price: $274 per month


ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot that can perform various tasks for affiliate marketers: from writing a decent ad to creating a full-on article.

ChatGPT is a good fit for any affiliate niche. Here is what it can do:

  • find concise answers to any question concerning affiliate marketing;

  • write simple code for pre-landing and landing pages;

  • create scripts for videos;

  • find new ideas for creatives;

  • freshen up your content (e.g. to update an unprofitable conversion flow);

  • rewrite a landing page (e.g. if you were tagged by Facebook);

  • generate queries for other neural networks (e.g. to get a unique image for your creative from Midjourney).

General information:

Interface language: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

Free trial: yes

Price: $20 per month

Benefits of AI: how it contributes to affiliate marketing

Nowadays many affiliates are actively testing AI tools. These services release them from routine tasks, improve lead generation, and increase conversion rate. Moreover, thanks to AI, affiliates now can:

  • Generate detailed analytical reports. AI obtains and analyzes data, recognizes trends, and predicts performance results for future campaigns. By the way, AI accuracy tends to be higher in comparison with manual data analysis.

  • Save precious time. These tools can help affiliates write SEO texts, make voiceovers, and create script-based videos just within a few minutes.

  • Create a semantic core in an instant. It allows them to scale up marketing campaigns, rank higher in search results, discover new user queries, and so on.

  • Automate A/B testing. With the help of AI affiliates can compare key performance indicators and thus spot the most effective creatives.

  • Easily get a set of unique creatives. The possibilities are unlimited: they can generate any kind of creatives to their liking: banners, videos, push notifications, pop-ups, etc.


Though AI-powered tools and services may seem to cover a lion’s share of marketing tasks, it is still too early to replace real people. Texts still need to be proofread and creatives should be looked through before release. But if you equip yourself with these technologies, you will save time and, more importantly, stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

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