Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 15.05.2023

The IPL Explained: Podcast with Shikhar

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 15.05.2023
1 min

Traffic Cardinal is no Columbia Pictures, but we also have something to present: podcasts. We sure as hell will make it a regular format, but for now, let us introduce to you a pilot podcast dedicated to the IPL.

The IPL is a major sporting event watched by 600 millions of people around the world. So we decided to discuss it with Shikhar, a marketing enthusiast who knew everything about cricket – and maybe a little more. Shikhar himself is well acquainted with the sport, and he’s willing to share his knowledge with us – and, correspondingly, with you.

We talked about all things IPL: who’s to win, who’s to lose, which teams are considered leaders and why, who is expected to get the orange cap and who can claim the right for the purple one; and finally, what one can do in order to become a successful cricket player.

The IPL event will last till May 21, so you still have plenty of time to use it to your advantage and drive traffic right there. Are you interested yet? Check out our first podcast right here:



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