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AW Dubai & What’s Around

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 24.02.2023
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AW Dubai, a major affiliate marketing conference, will take place on March 1 at the famous business complex Dubai World Trade Center overlooking the main street of the city Sheikh Zayed Road.

The organizers of the conference put a lot of effort into making the event flawless, but there are other things to see: this time, a plethora of affiliate marketing events will be held in the UAE, so feel free to find the list of the most peculiar meetups, parties, and CPA events in early March.

February 28, Dubai Affiliate Meet-up

If you happen to be in Dubai a few days before the Time of the conference, be sure to visit the Dubai Affiliate Meet-up. This is the first in a series of meet-ups organized by Affiliate Business Club in Dubai. The purpose of the meeting is to have a good time, discuss traffic and offers, and, of course, exchange experiences with colleagues.

Time: from 15:00 to 19:00.
Venue: Novotel World Trade Center, Dubai.
Entrance: registration required

February 28, STM MEETUP

STM organizes a private meetup for members of its club only. You might be interested to know what is on the program there, but the thing is that there is no meeting plan at all. The guests are free to choose the format, and they decide which topics should be discussed: business in general, affiliate marketing, relocation, upcoming conferences, or future projects not necessarily related to work. Friendly atmosphere, delicious lunch, and exclusive drinks included!

Time: from 12:00.
Entrance: registration required (STM members only).

February 28, TikTok Meetup

TikTok affiliates, this event is just right up your alley! As expected, the main subjects of discussion will be TikTok organic growth, paid advertising, campaign expansion, and content creation on the platform. In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants will enjoy the presentations and ask questions that might pop up in their heads. Sounds impressive, huh?

Time: from 13:00 to 17:00.
Venue: Novotel World Trade Center, Dubai.
Entrance: by ticket only (register here).

February 28, ClickBid Meetup Dubai

ClickBid World will hold an exclusive and private meetup only for the TOPs of the CPA industry. The meeting will take place on two luxury yachts overlooking the stunning skyscrapers of Dubai. ClickBid World promises to provide guests with everything necessary for comfortable communication and experience exchange: drinks, snacks, music, and meeting rooms.

Time: from 15:30 to 19:30.
Venue: Dubai Grand Marina.
Entrance: by tickets (register here).

February 28, Discussion Session by Conversion Club, AW 2023

Conversion Club arranges a big meetup, bringing together TOP media buying teams. The initial plan includes a discussion panel and four reports on Facebook and Google, all in a relaxed atmosphere with refined drinks. What else would you need for a pleasant communication session?

Time: from 16:00 to 19:00.
Venue: Warehouse four, Sheikh Zayed Road 42, Al Manara Street, Dubai.
Entrance: registration required (registration here).

February 28, Signature Meetup

Alongside Conversion Club, another fascinating meetup will take place in the lovely city of Dubai, Signature Meetup.

The organizer, Affiliate Business Club, is famous for mindblowing afterparties, but don't think about what's to come: enjoy the informal atmosphere which, however, will not ruin your working mood. The meetup coordinators promised that the professional exchange won't be interrupted. Dibs on that!

Time: from 15:00 to 19:00.
Entrance: registration required.

February 28, Bachelorette Party by Daria & Nataliya

This is a unique private CPA event for girls only.

The party will be held in a stylish, classy place, where girls will relish all types of entertainment: photo and video shooting, drinks, food, dancing, presents, and even a show program. In addition, the bachelorettes will be admitted to a closed community—and to a Telegram chat—where they can discuss whatever comes to mind: traffic, Facebook inconsistencies, Instagram techniques, and other things.

Sorry, boys, not your day. Maybe next time?

Venue: Dubai.
Entrance: by invitation only. Text @Daria_Capital on Telegram to register.

March 1, Sundown sessions

AW Dubai organizers did their best to organize the conference, but they went even further and arranged Sundown Sessions.

Sundown Sessions is a distinguishable party with VIP tables, which will be held in one of the most popular clubs of Dubai, Zero Gravity. Refined cuisine and exclusive cocktails aside, the guests will have a large pool at their disposal—and, additionally, access to the beach!

While this is already enough to lose your mind, don't indulge in this frenzy too much: not only did Sundown Sessions prove to be a decent networking platform, but this is also a great event to find sponsors and new employees.

Time: from 19:30 to 00:00.
Venue: Zero Gravity Restaurant & Beach Club, Dubai.
Entrance: by AW Dubai conference tickets. Seats are limited, so the entry process will be arranged on a first-come-first-served basis.

March 1, Dubai Super Affiliates Dinner

Affiliate Business Club is hosting a special dinner for AW Dubai guests.

Anyone can attend, but make a mental note that the seats are limited, and you'd better reserve a table in advance. Obviously, Dubai Super Affiliates Dinner is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and have a good time, so try not to miss it!

Time: from 19:30 to 22:00.
Entrance: registration required.

March 1, Affiliate Networking Series Dubai

ANS Dubai is arranging a big meetup for affiliates. What's on the program? Lots of things, lots of things. You start with peculiar reports and welcome drinks, then have a series of networking breaks, and finally, you're introduced to a fine dinner and entertainment, all in a friendly atmosphere with live music!

Time: from 20:00 to 00:00.
Venue: TABŪ restaurant, The St. Regis Downtown Dubai, Dubai.
Entrance: registration required.

March 1 — 5, Dubai International Boat Show

Chances are that there are affiliate marketers seriously infatuated with sailing, diving, and yachting. If you are one of them, rush to

the prestigious Dubai International Boat Show. It'll last for a few days, so even if you're extremely busy, you'll find a few hours to get a glimpse of the EXPO, industry reports, or a show. As usual, drinks and snacks are for you to enjoy.

It's a perfect opportunity to refresh yourself and take a break from the numerous parties, so don't even hesitate and attend the Dubai International Boat Show.

Venue: Dubai Harbour, Dubai.
Entrance: by tickets (cost from $11.23).

March 2, Affiliate Drinks Meetup, AW 2023

On March 2, Conversion Club will organize another meetup. No reports, no work expected: this informal meeting will include nothing but drinks, music, shows, entertainment, and, of course, personal acquaintances with sponsors and TOP affiliates.

March 2, SHINEz (un) Official AW Closing Festival

On March 2, AW Dubai will host a traditional afterparty. Unfortunately, no details have been disclosed as of yet, but what we already know is a breathtaking piece of information that leaves us gasping for air. The party will be held at the luxurious restaurant of the trendy beach club Bla Bla Dubai.

By the way, two tickets to Affiliate World Barcelona will be raffled off, €2000 each. What an afterparty it's going to be! Surely there's a lot more to observe.

Time: from 20:00.
Venue: Bla Bla Dubai Restaurant, Dubai.
Entrance: by AW Dubai conference tickets.

March 2, ABC Party: Midnight Madness, Dubai

Alongside SHINEz (un), another afterparty is booming in the vicinity, ABC Party: Midnight Madness (by Affiliate Business Club). Information about the exact venue and format has not yet been disclosed, but it's definitely going to be a show to remember.

Time: from 23:00 to 04:00.
Entrance: registration required.


There's more to the conference: instead of arriving a day before the event, you'd better come a few days ahead because no way you want to miss all those unbelievable meetups and parties! From February 28 to March 2, Dubai arranges a great deal of things, thus offering you a wonderful opportunity to make friends and find reliable sponsors for your projects.


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