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Throwback Monday: Remember Affiliate World Asia

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 03.02.2023
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We're not filming a Back to the Future, Donnie Darko, Tenet, or any other movie related to time traveling, but wouldn't you like to go back in time to see one particular event and experience the same inspiration, exultation filling you abrim? Wouldn’t you like to refresh that feeling of being part of a great community? Well, if you haven’t yet found an excuse to look through the piles of photos stored on your camera roll, we’re eager to give you a few. Time to refresh your memory: AWA Bangkok edition.

Three Days of Luxury

IIt all started on November 29, and it was a sweeping success from the very first second. Split second, even. Anyone, regardless of their professional preferences, could find a sphere of interest, a perfect way to meet new people and communicate with potential partners (and there were opportunities for a fruitful partnership!): some chose a meetup for TikTok affiliates, others picked Farmer Jack's mastermind, a very mysterious, noteworthy occasion with no details openly shared—hopefully, you had a chance to check it out and enjoy the miracles they undoubtedly exhibited to the guests. If you didn't, you shouldn't feel deprived: the Golden Goose Rooftop Party was just as good and just as generous, offering drinks, networking, and some entertainment.

Feeling a wave of memories taking hold of you? This is just the beginning. Walking across the long aisles of the conference, strolling around, and occasionally saying hello to the people known and unfamiliar, you may have taken a respite near the Thai massage stand. That sure was enough to freshen you up and loosen your stiff muscles—because you need those muscles at the Affiliate Block Party.

Affiliate Block Party, the official AW Networking Event, turned out to be the biggest event of the conference, where more than 200 marketing specialists gathered together to make connections in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Networking, however, soon gave way to the contagious beats performed by one of the best Bangkok DJs! Thanks to that Thai lady who had delivered the massage a few hours earlier, now you were up in arms, ready to hit the floor.

While some participants stuck to the secret meeting options arranged by Converting Team, others were inclined to pay a visit to the light dance show organized by PIN-UP Partners and AdCombo. The otherworldly experience certainly took your breath away.

Still, there was more at play. Did you visit ClickBank Bangkok Networking Roadshow? It sounded like a perfect opportunity to talk to ClickBank, Tabool, MaxWeb, and Direct Response Marketing Partners team members, strengthening the existing ties and forming new connections.

Afterparty Alert

The conference came to an end on December 1, but it didn't mean the fun was over: the organizers had a few surprises in stores, hoping to amuse those unwilling to quit and say goodbye to cheerful Bangkok.

Keeping this in mind, AdsEmpire went big. They arranged a private yacht trip, covering several destinations: from Bangkok to Pattaya, then to Koh, then to Phai, and finally back to Pattaya and Bangkok. Considering the lovely climate and magnificent views, it must have been a voyage of the year.

Another surprise was the Affiliate Space Awards, which, though far from being an Oscar ceremony, remained a significant milestone in the heads of the visitors. It included 21 nominations in different categories: Nutra, Dating, Finance, iGaming, and many others. It somehow mimicked the standard Eurovision procedure: the attendants could choose the best nominee and give them the vote.


In short, AWA Bangkok was a remarkable event to attend: no doubt you met new people, learned a thing or two about the strategies and approaches you had never tried before, and generally had fun. Such conferences are a perfect opportunity to explore the world, pump up your creative flow, and make acquaintances with the world’s top affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. See the evolution of affiliate marketing, it's certainly worth it!


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