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SiGMA Eurasia & What’s Around

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 10.03.2023
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You will be able to attend the long-awaited SiGMA Eurasia in Dubai from March 13 to March 16. While the conference itself is indeed a distinguished event where iGaming industry moguls will introduce their reports, there are still more things to enjoy: meetups, CPA parties, and gala dinners. Shall we continue? Oh, we sure will.

March 12, CPA Club Connect

To avoid overlapping with the main event, the CPA Club team will organize their meetup with top iGaming experts. The official part of the meeting includes reports, presentations, and the latest gambling cases, but don't feel intimidated by the amount of information you're going to imbibe: the organizers pledge to provide drinks, snacks, coffee breaks, and a Q&A session with the speakers and a mind-blowing after-party at the SKY2.0 nightclub.

If it doesn't sound enticing, here's the Jack-in-the-box that will get you staggered. The famous Wolf of Wall Street is going to attend. No, this is not a joke: Jordan Belfort, entrepreneur and former stockbroker, will be there with his own presentation. He will share effective sales strategies, explaining how to increase business earnings.

Time: 12:00

Venue: SKY2.0, Dubai

Entrance: by tickets (buy here).

March 13, Tiktok Meetup & SiGMA & AGS Dubai

In tow with SiGMA and AGS, TikTok Meetup is organizing a small meetup for the affiliates interested in TikTok. The speakers will share tips on high-quality content creation on the platform and explain how to work with traffic, presenting two peculiar reports on gambling and Nutra on TikTok.

The official part of the meetup lasts till 16:00, giving way to a networking break, during which guests can communicate with the speakers and ask questions.

Time: 12:00

Venue: Conference hall at Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City, Dubai

Entrance: by tickets (buy here).

March 13, Desert Safari

Premium & platinum ticket holders are offered an exciting sightseeing tour across the desert. Dune climbing, sandboarding, camel riding, various refreshments… what can be better than that?

Time: 13:00 — 18:00

Venue: Intercontinental Dubai, Festival City

Entrance: only premium & platinum ticket holders are allowed

March 13, Ikigai Retreat

On March 13, SiGMA invites the best startup representatives for lunch with well-qualified investors. This is an exclusive event with an opportunity to raise money for your business and crank it up a notch!

Time: 17:00 — 19:00

Venue: Al Noor – Intercontinental Hotel, Festival City

Entrance: by Ikigai Retreat invitation only

March 13, Exclusive Spartans IGathering Sponsored by PIN-UP

PIN-UP PARTNERS are organizing a dinner at one of the best restaurants famous for its Belgian delicacies, Belgian beer cafe. It’s going to be an informal meeting with beer, snacks, and music in the background.

Time: 19:30 — 23:00

Venue: Belgian beer cafe, Dubai Festival City

Entrance: free admission

March, 13 IGathering Dinner

At the end of the day, SiGMA plans to arrange a dinner for all the guests of the conference. Free admission granted: don’t miss a chance to wallow in the friendly atmosphere of the event!

Time: 19:30 — 23:00

Venue: Zaytoun, Dubai Festival City

Entrance: free admission

March 14, Dubai Affiliate Meet-up

Another small meeting you may want to attend is organized by Affiliate Business Club. Unlike the previous event, this is an entirely informal occasion, without reports, presentations, or a plan to follow. ABC claims that's a friendly hobnob, a gathering where participants can talk about traffic, affiliate programs, future prospects and ideas, relishing drinks and snacks while listening to music.

Time: from 15:00 to 19:00

Venue: consult the organizers

Entrance: registration required

March, 14 Luxury car display by Trinity

The second day of the conference will be marked by an outstanding luxury car display organized by Trinity at one of the best venues of the city, Festival Arena. There’s certainly something to watch, note it down!

Time: 09:00 —18:00

Venue: Festival Arena – Dubai Festival City

Entrance: free admission

March 14, Workshop by Cybergate International

Who needs cybersecurity? The correct answer is everyone. Embrace your fate and pay a visit to a workshop related to the hot topic. The speakers will touch upon the subject of modern threats and describe a few ways to protect your personal data, but it’s not the only thing you might find enticing: a giveaway is expected! Five winners get the right to study at CYBERGATE INTERNATIONAL. Hurry up!

Time: 10:00 — 15:00

Venue: Al Baraha Ballroom, InterContinental Hotel Festival City

Entrance: registration required

March 14, Gary Vee VIP Meet & Greet

One more exclusive meeting to the list of exclusive meetings. The details yet remain unclear, but what we do know is that this is a VIP event for those who have the invitations only.

Time: 16:00 — 17:00

Venue: Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City

Entrance: by invitation only

March 14, Networking Drinks

Enjoy a few drinks and do some network! Time to seize the opportunity and talk to the speakers in an informal atmosphere.

Time: 18:00 — 20:00

Venue: Vista Lounge at the InterContinental Dubai Festival Arena

Entrance: free admission

March 14, IGathering Dinner

Another dinner for all the guests of the conference. Same place, same time: Zaytoun restaurant at Dubai Festival City.

Time: 19:30 — 23:30

Venue: Zaytoun, Dubai festival city

Entrance: free admission

March 14, Private Investors Dinner and Fireside Chat by AIBC and Enlightened Minds, Hosted by Gordon Einstein

Gordon H. Einstein (CryptoLaw Partners), AIBC, and ENLIGHTENED MINDS organized a dinner for investors and best iGaming experts. It’s a private meeting, so make sure you’re on the list! Find your registration link below.

Time: 19:30 —23:00

Venue: Karam al Bahr Terrace

Entrance: registration required

March 14, Wow Summit and SIGMA Networking Party, Hosted by Guyway

WOW, SiGMA, and GuyWay are turning this place into a networking party. Choose whatever your heart desires: dances, drinks, snacks, VIP zone with unique treats, or other things to admire. Oh, by the way, did we mention talented DJs brought there for your entertainment? Here they are, DJ KattyLeen, DJ Litchi and DJ.

Time: 23:00 — 03:00

Venue: Armani/Prive

Вход: by tickets

March 14, ANS Affiliate Networking Series iGaming Dubai

If you have to deal with media buying, ANS Affiliate Networking Series iGaming is right up your alley. This event can be divided into two parts: the official one with welcome drinks, presentations, Q&A, networking time, and a dinner at a high-end restaurant. What can be better than live music, a show program, and refined delicacies after a few hours of strenuous mental work?

Time: 20:00

Venue: TABŪ restaurant, The St. Regis Downtown Dubai, Дубай

Entrance: by tickets (register here).

March 15, VNTR Capital Investors Breakfast

VNTR Capital will arrange a roundtable discussion, thus connecting small and medium-size business representatives with prominent investors and business angels. If you want to make an investment or engage people in your startup, this meeting is right up your alley.

Time: 09:00 — 13:00

Venue: to be announced

Entrance: registration required

March 15, Dubai Supper Affiliates Dinner

Affiliate Business Club arranges a variety of events this March, and Dubai Supper Affiliates Dinner is another proof that they know what they are doing. All the SiGMA Eurasia participants are welcome, but keep in mind that the seats are limited, so not everyone will be able to attend. Make a mental note to reserve a table in advance!

Time: 19:30

Venue: consult the organizers

Entrance: registration required

March 15, SiGMA iGathering Dinner

Dinners are never a flop: they're a perfect opportunity to make acquaintance with the country you are visiting and maintain a confabulation with the new people. Obviously keeping that in mind, SiGMA Eurasia organizers arrange an exclusive gala dinner for the top iGaming industry experts. However, this is not a 'welcome everyone' type of party: organizers send a special email invitation, supplied with the necessary information regarding time, place, dress code, and other details that may come in handy. Again, seats are limited, so it's up to the event planners to decide who to send invitations to, but if you hold Premium and Platinum tickets, you're most likely on the list.

Time: consult the organizers

Venue: Dubai

Entrance: by invitation only


The last on our list, but definitely not the least is AIBC World Leading AI and Blockchain Conference. As the name implies, guests will discuss AI, blockchain, and the industry’s future in terms of affiliate marketing.

The AIBC Conference will be hosted in the same building as SiGMA Eurasia, so you won't get lost and appear there right on time. By the way, on the last day of the conference, AIBC will throw a private party with music, drinks, and a top-notch show program. If you're a SiGMA Eurasia and AIBC Eurasia participant, feel free to join the entertainment!

In addition, every day from March 13 to March 15, AIBC arranges dinners for the conference guests. Those who fancy savoring fine dishes of Belgian cuisine and tasting Belgian beer are welcome to drop by Belgian Beer Cafe.

Time: 20:00

Venue: Belgian beer cafe, Dubai festival city

Entrance: by SiGMA Eurasia tickets

SiGMA Closing Party

Time: 22:00

Venue: TABŪ – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


A trip to Dubai for SiGMA Eurasia is a perfect opportunity to improve your skills, define new affiliate marketing trends and expand your circle of friends. This already sounds amazing, but there are even more options included: visiting this conference, you get the chance to attend other meetups, and chat with the most successful iGaming moguls.

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