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Your Updated SiGMA Experience

If you’ve ever been to a SiGMA conference, you have an approximate understanding of what the conference is like: people are sauntering around, chattering with each other, savoring their drinks, and anticipating events scheduled for the nighttime. Booths buzzing with activity, speakers sharing ...

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Schedule Your Day: SiGMA Eurasia & Affiliate World Dubai Edition

By the end of 2023, it became clear that the two biggest CPA conferences, SiGMA and Affiliate World, had decided to team up.

Last spring, AW and SiGMA took place in Dubai just 14 days apart, so both companies and affiliates faced a difficult choice: which event to attend? Which one is ...

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Mission SiGMA: Show Down

2023 was a fascinating year filled with the most unexpected news one could have ever imagined. Affiliates explored new opportunities, created new tools, and resorted to new techniques and technologies previously unseen and practically non-existent in the industry, thus creating a peculiar flair ...

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Get Back in Time to See SiGMA Malta 2023

Whew, that was a hectic year! We’ve partenered with different people, made tons of content, visited dozens of conferences, and highlighted the most exciting events in the world of affiliate marketing. That’s a bunch of things, isn’t it?

The video we have posted covers only a modicum of ...

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Time to Say Goodbye: SiGMA Europe 2023

Sometimes you just need to be a little maudlin and give Placebo a listen. Thanks to SiGMA 2023, you can justify this emotion by swiping through all the photos you've taken in Malta, chatting with the beautiful people of affiliate marketing and overlapping fiefdoms. You're undoubtedly feeling a ...

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Let's Meet in November: SiGMA 2023 in Malta

If you have ever attended the renowned SiGMA conference, you know that it hits like no other. Affiliates who aren't yet familiar with the event may rest assured: the organizers take it upon themselves to refine every single bit and provide a multifaceted experience that could be applied to any ...

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SiGMA and Affiliate World Team Up. What's Happening

The tea has been spilled: rumours about SiGMA collaborating with Affiliate Worls have been spreading pretty quickly. The first one seems to have bought a part of the second one, and from now on the events are expected to be combined. The rumours are still multiplying, but we have decided to put ...

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SiGMA Going Wild

You weren't ready.

Really, you weren't. SiGMA was the Barbie of affiliate marketing with Oppenheimer's impact on the industry: it's still hard to imagine how many projects were discussed and how many plans are now in the works because of this one event connecting affiliates to affiliate ...

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SiGMA Rockin' It Hard!

It was a bumpy ride, but it was worth it. SiGMA 2023 started to unroll in Limassol, Cyprus, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and the breathtaking sea views that could enthrall even the most indifferent person who'd visited resorts dozens of times. To enchant the attendees even ...

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Buckling Up for SiGMA 2023

Cyrpus is no stranger to loud parties and mind-blowing events, so if you're planning to stay here to see the outstanding SiGMA conference , you're losing nothing and maybe acquiring another chance to find new people, exchange experiences, and have some quality time with the like-minded.


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