Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 20.04.2023

Brazil Offer With 57% Reg2Dep Conversion: Review

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 20.04.2023
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Here's an offer not many people know about: you probably have no idea how Brazil can boost your conversion rate. Take a look at the review and don't miss a chance to make real money!

General Information

After a thorough analysis of our ecosystem, we found a brand that was very much in favor with the local Brazilians. And it turns out that our affiliate program can give you an offer right away. The main point of interest is the reg2dep conversion of 57%.

To understand the figures, we compared the secret offer to Bet365, which is, according to Google ads, a popular local brand in Brazil. Funny enough, we got identical results. That said, the brand we have in mind is local to the market of Brazil. This means that the advertiser knows the audience well.

We went deeper and analyzed how popular direct requests in Google Trends for the brand were. The results of the previous year looked quite promising. We can safely assume that interest in the brand will only increase in 2023.

What Does This Offer Give?

After working with the brand for several months, we finally can draw up a list of benefits.

  • Excellent conversion ratio – reg2dep @ 57% as per the most recent data;

  • Fraud is the only traffic source that won’t work;

  • The advertiser is local – advantage in terms of knowing the audience;

  • The base is quite small for a brand of this popularity;

  • Brazil is a market leader;

  • The offer involves caps.

What Do I Do If I Want This Offer?

This offer can be found in our LGaming ecosystem, and we will provide all you need if you’re interested. All you need to do is to send the message “I WANT THE SECRET OFFER” to our @LGaming Telegram bot and be the first to get your hands on this secret intel for profitable ads!

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