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YouTube Shorts Monetisation: How to Earn Big with Small Videos

YouTube Shorts is a video format that has taken the platform by storm. It is not just a mere feature or a section, but a great tool for advertising, promotion and monetisation. It opens up a world of possibilities that regular videos on the service do not offer.

Whether you want to make ...

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Pre-Roll or No Roll? The Pros and Cons of Video Advertising

If you are curious about video advertising, you have probably come across the term pre-roll. This article will give you an overview of pre-rolls, their impact on video advertising and their design. We will also discuss their benefits and drawbacks, their cost and some tips on how to make them ...

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Dominating YouTube

YouTube algorithms are not the most coherent things on earth, but there's still a certain logic in them. SEO-optimized videos posted a while ago keep receiving new views, thus ranking the video on top of search results and getting more traffic.

But what can you do to achieve such ...

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Pre-Rolls: Benefits & Flaws

Pre-roll is a short (no longer than 30 seconds) video ad. Pre-rolls are sometimes mistakenly referred to as mid-rolls (ads inserted into the 'body' of the video) or post-trolls (inserted at the end of the video).

The main goal of pre-roll ads is to increase audience coverage as well as ...

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