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Analyzing Your Competitors’ Ads

Over time, every affiliate marketer racks their brain trying to find the best way to improve advertising performance. Of course, there are dozens of options, but the first thing that comes to mind is research you can conduct. In this article, we will teach you how to see competitors Instagram ...

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Contextual Advertising Under Analysis

Contextual advertising is considered a shortcut to success: pay for traffic and wait for ensured sales. In effect, it's not that simple. Contextual advertising demands expertise; wrong settings will lead you nowhere, and you'll splurge all your budget on Google Ads without receiving a single ...

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How to Make a Perfect Instagram Layout

Businesses are created to make a profit. As this profit is brought by clients and clients alone, the main task of any commercial project is user attraction: not only should they check out your ad, but they are also expected to accomplish the target action, that is, to purchase the product you're ...

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Marketing Basics: Identifying Your Targeting Techniques

Targeted advertising is one of the most effective types of advertising. All popular social networks and search engines allow affiliates to place ads on their pages.

However, it's a little more complicated than implied in the first paragraph. Let's find out which tools and features will ...

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Best Native Advertising Networks

Native or natural advertising can be distributed through special affiliate networks. Advertisers see these ads as a perfect way to draw attention to their product, and media buyers consider them a wonderful opportunity to earn money.

However, even an experienced affiliate can get lost in ...

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Negative Keywords Taking Hold

In January, Google made an important announcement: from now on, you can create your list of negative words on the account level, which means that it will be automatically applied to all eligible search and shopping inventory in relevant campaigns in your account. In short, it enables you to draw ...

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Marketing 2023: One Step Ahead

Saying 2022 was a year of upheaval and emotional turmoil would be an understatement. Affiliate marketers from across the globe had to apply all their knowledge and wit to at least maintain conversion rates on the same notch throughout the month, let alone crawl a tad higher.

Alas, 2023 ...

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