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Affastra Review

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal wrote 04.04.2023
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Affiliate network Affastra works on gambling/betting verticals. There are more than 130 offers with only licensed casinos and betting offices; all are updated daily.

Affastra has been successfully working for more than ten years as a direct advertiser on the esoteric vertical. Previously, the affiliate program invited partners exclusively, but as the team expanded, they decided to go public. Now, all partners can enjoy the most comfortable conditions.

Brief info

Verticals: gambling and betting.


Offers: 130+.

Accepted traffic: PPC, FB app, SEO, ASO, UAC, In-app.

Banned traffic: fraud, incent, spam.

Payment models: CPA, CPL, RS, SOI.

Withdrawal methods: USDT TRC-20, RU-cards, PayPal, Capitalist, WMZ, IBAN, Wire transfer.

Minimum amount of payments: $50.

Hold: 14 days (willing to pay daily if you're a trusted and reliable partner).

Response speed: on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00: 5 minutes; weekends: 2-3 hours.


  • Works exclusively with direct advertisers and licensed offers.

  • Ready to pay daily for quality traffic and stable growth (for trusted partners).

  • Daily offer update; it is also possible to add offers on request via the manager.

  • Free creatives for big teams.

  • Coordination with affiliates. For example, if you have 200 FTD of traffic daily, the manager checks the number of free KPI slots on the offer. Then, this manager warns the advertiser that there is a new affiliate with a certain amount of traffic. The advertiser has to either accept the affiliate, or expand the KPI slot for the traffic.

  • Payouts with no interest on Capitalist.

  • You possibly can get your app. Free Android apps are available on a telegram bot, if you have an iOS, you'll have to do some work manually. Still, anyone can get an app, just contact tech support to obtain a key for the telegram bot.

  • It is possible to shorten the hold period. Normally, the hold period is 14 days, but if you're a trusted partner, it is not as long.

  • You can request necessary information from the advertiser directly, which helps in attracting traffic. For example, you can find out when the players are most active; draw up statistics on advertising sources, or see the average conversion rates.

  • Affastra helps big teams: creative-related problems are to be solved as any issues at the advertiser level.

Personal Account

After you signed up on Affastra, wait for the verification email. Usually it takes about an hour on weekdays and 3-4 hours on weekends.

The main page displays the offers, divided by verticals, and categorized statistics: clicks, conversions, CR, and payments. These parameters can be subdivided further by time frames: 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months.

In the Offers tab, a filter allows you to quickly select offers by availability, niche, target type, and GEO. You can also check the boxes to select from the "New," "Top" or "Favorite" categories.

Top 3 Gambling offers:


  • rate: $27 per FTD;

  • source: FB APP;

  • GEO: India.


  • bid: $65;

  • PPC source;

  • GEO: Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru.

Use promo code "TrafficCardinal" to bump your bids by $5 during the first month!


  • bid: from $30;

  • source: schemes;

  • GEO: Chile, Brazil, Turkey.

Top 3 betting offers:


  • Rate: $30 per FTD;

  • source: FB APP;

  • GEO: Brazil.


  • bid: $20;

  • source: FB APP;

  • GEO: Chile, Peru.

Fresh Bet

  • bet: $165;

  • source: PPC;

  • GEO: Spain, Italy.

The Reports tab also allows you to see all the information you need. You can select a report for a certain period of time, grouping by offer, target, country, device type, connection, smartlink.

In addition, you can select columns to specify what kind of indicators should be there in the report.

In the "Transactions" tab you can track conversions, clicks, inappropriate clicks, partner postbacks. You can also filter the content by offer, country, smartlink, creative, landing page, etc.

Here you can also adjust which columns should be displayed in the report:

The "Billing" tab shows the balance of confirmed and unconfirmed conversions; you can also add the payment method you prefer. The most popular now are USDT TRC-20, Capitalist, Wire.

The minimum payment amount is $50.

In the Tools tab, you can add global postbacks and APIs. To enable the API, contact your manager. The manager works on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00 (the response time is about 5 minutes), and on weekends you can get an answer within 2-3 hours.


Affastra is a gambling and betting affiliate program with more than 10 years of experience in the affiliate industry. It will be interesting to work with the affiliate network and increase profits for both big teams and newcomers.

If you are a partner, you will be pleasantly surprised by the conditions they offer: cooperation with direct advertisements, daily payments, new offers added on request, apps, free creos, and many other options to check out.

main difference is that for partners very attractive conditions are provided: cooperation only with direct advertisements, daily payments, adding any offerers on demand, own applications, free creos and many other things.

Affastra Social Networks:

Support via Telegram: @affastra





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