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Convert Like a Pro: Elevating Your Landing Page to New Heights

Indeed, the first interaction a user has with an advertising campaign is through the ad itself. If the ad fails to engage the potential client, the opportunity for further interaction is lost. But what happens when the ad does its job? Relying solely on a well-crafted creative is as unwise as ...

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Conversion Demystified: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

The word “conversion” pops up everywhere in the online marketing world: “the customer has converted”, “the conversion rate is too low…”, “we managed to boost the conversion…”, “how to improve the conversion…”. But what does it really mean? Many beginners and even seasoned salespeople, ...

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Be in Your Element, Make Your Creatives Convert

The word creative speaks for itself, but it may be tricky to come up with a variant that a) makes you tick and b) boosts your conversion rates. It's not always about aggressiveness, bright colors, decorative fonts, garishly painted icons, or attractive pictures. In fact, there's much more to it, ...

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Getting Pre-Lander Conversions

All pre-landers have their own general structure, where the elements can vary depending on the niche. However, while those component do change, overall the system remains more or less the same.

Make sure to add enough reviews for the product, and consider the following :

How to ...

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